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May 16
FAQ: Boundary Adjustment
We recently have fielded some questions about a boundary adjustment that impacts a few of our families for the coming school year (2011-2012). There had been some errant information circulating about which high school some of our students would ultimately attend.  To get our families the most accurate information, I consulted with our District Director of Construction and Planning, and he gave me the following information that I hope our families will find helpful:

1 - The Administration established a series of Categories in order to prioritize boundary changes that would be presented to the School Board for consideration earlier this Spring. 


Those Categories were as follows:

  •  Category I – Recommended changes to occur prior to August 2011
  • Category II – Recommended changes to occur in next 2-4 years
  • Category III Recommended changes to occur in next 3-5 years. May require building additions/remodeling at existing facilities to provide additional capacity.

2 – The proposed change that impacted the Timberview Middle School campus was initially determined to be a Category II Proposal.  The area that was considered was the portion of the Bluffs development East of Exposition Way street where homes are currently being built.  The Administration determined these boundary modifications would need to be considered due to the enrollment numbers at Eagle Ridge Elementary, as well as Timberview Middle School.  


3 - Public Boundary Hearings were held in late November and the first week of December.


Feedback was received by the Administration from the community.   One of the comments that was made several times was that the community wanted the Administration to propose recommendations that would minimize the number of students and families that would be impacted by the proposed changes.

After taking into consideration the feedback from the Community the Administration determined it would impact fewer families and students to propose moving that portion of the Bluffs neighborhood up to the Category I changes for the upcoming school year.  This allows for the families still moving into this portion of the community the knowledge of the transition that would ultimately be necessary based on the enrollment numbers for the next several years.


4 – The District’s Demographic Consultant provided a formal presentation to the School Board in December of 2010 explaining the proposed changes to the District’s current attendance boundaries.  Those boundaries were approved by the School Board in January of 2011.


5 – The area impacted by the Boundary Change is East of Exposition Way and North of Heritage Trace.  This boundary change still allows these students to attend Timber Creek High School. 


6 – Boundary Maps can be found on the District’s “Need to Know” website at


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