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 Curriculum-Related Sites

 Holocaust Studies
 History Links
 Texas History Links
 Illegal Drug Resources
 Smithsonian Institution
 Library of Congress American Memory Project
 Slavery Chronicles

 What do I Read Next?

 What's Next In This Series?
 If You Like...
 Book Lists on Sensitive (and not-so-Sensitive) topics
 Scholastic Book-Alike
 Nancy Keane's BookTalks

 Biography Links

 Compton's Encyclopedia of Biographies
 Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People
 Biographies of 28,000 people at
 African-American Biography Videos
 Women's Biographies
 American Masters Biographies
 Science Biographies

 Audio Books

 E-books and Web Books

 Library Links

 Library Catalog
 E-Book Shelf
 Brittanica Encyclopedia
 World Book Online
 World And I
 Maps 101
 Fort Worth Public Library Databases
 BibMe Bibliography Maker

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