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Welcome to Fossil Hill Middle School!


3821 Staghorn Circle South
Fort Worth, TX 76137

phone 817.744.3050
   fax 817.744.3138

Attendance line 817-744-3118

Todd Lacey,

Assistant Principals:
Lela Barksdale (A-F), email 
 Virginia Campbell (G-O), email
Matthew Norris (P-Z), email

Volunteer Application

Today we conducted a hard lockdown drill at FHMS.  We practice this occasionally to prepare in case of an actual emergency.  At no time today was there any danger—only a drill.  Thank you for your attention.


Normal School Hours: 8:30-3:40
Doors Open at 7:45 

 FHMS Family Downloads

Folder: Attendance - Needs to KnowAttendance - Needs to KnowNo presence informationNorris, Matthew
Folder: Counselor FormsCounselor FormsNo presence informationNorris, Matthew
Folder: No Child Left Behind InfoNo Child Left Behind InfoNo presence informationNorris, Matthew
Folder: FHMS Tutorial ScheduleFHMS Tutorial ScheduleNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
Folder: Data TalksData TalksNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
2015-2016 FHMS Campus Improvement Plan (CIP)--Part 1 of 2.pdf2015-2016 FHMS Campus Improvement Plan (CIP)--Part 1 of 2No presence informationWomble, Lynn
2015-2016 FHMS Campus Improvement Plan (CIP)--Part 2 of 2.pdf2015-2016 FHMS Campus Improvement Plan (CIP)--Part 2 of 2No presence informationWomble, Lynn
2015-2016FHMS-PIP-SPA.pdf2015-2016FHMS-PIP-SPANo presence informationWomble, Lynn
District Family Policy-espanol.pdfDistrict Family Policy-espanolNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
FHMS-2015-2016-Compact-ENG.pdfFHMS-2015-2016-Compact-ENGNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
FHMS-2015-2016-Compact-SPAN.pdfFHMS-2015-2016-Compact-SPANNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
District Family Policy-english.pdfDistrict Family Policy-englishNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
2015-2016FHMS-PIP-ENG.pdf2015-2016FHMS-PIP-ENGNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
wildcat open house.pdfwildcat open houseNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
Texas Academic Performance Report.docxTexas Academic Performance ReportNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
Guidelines Brochure  2014-2015.pubGuidelines Brochure 2014-2015No presence informationWomble, Lynn
Guidelines Brochure-Span-2014-2015.pubGuidelines Brochure-Span-2014-2015No presence informationWomble, Lynn
2015 SSI_Brochure_rev final.pdf2015 SSI_Brochure_rev finalNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
KISD Detection Canines Letter--9-8-14.pdfKISD Detection Canines Letter--9-8-14No presence informationWomble, Lynn
FossilHillMiddle-ParentInvolvment Policy.docxFossilHillMiddle-ParentInvolvment PolicyNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
FossilHillSpanish-Home-School Compacts 2014-2015.pubFossilHillSpanish-Home-School Compacts 2014-2015No presence informationWomble, Lynn
FHMS-FSS-Results-2013-2014.docxFHMS-FSS-Results-2013-2014No presence informationWomble, Lynn
FossilHillSpan-ParentInvolvementPolicy.docxFossilHillSpan-ParentInvolvementPolicyNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
FossilHill-Home-School Compacts 2014-2015.pubFossilHill-Home-School Compacts 2014-2015No presence informationWomble, Lynn
Home Access Center Information 2014-2015.docxHome Access Center Information 2014-2015No presence informationWomble, Lynn
Traffic Flow 2014- 2015.docxTraffic Flow 2014- 2015No presence informationWomble, Lynn
Crisis Management Letters to Parents.zipCrisis Management Letters to ParentsNo presence informationWomble, Lynn
(More Documents...)

 Campus Calendar

12/18/2015 8:30 AM   Early Release Day 
12/21/2015 8:00 AM   Winter Break / No School 
12/22/2015 8:00 AM   Winter Break / No School 
12/23/2015 8:00 AM   Winter Break / No School 
12/24/2015 8:00 AM   Winter Break / No School 
(More Events...)

 Campus Announcements

Strong Fathers EventAttachment 
by Womble, LynnNo presence information
 11/17/2015 2:31 PM
KISD Film Festival 
by Womble, LynnNo presence information
 11/17/2015 8:37 AM
  • This is the eighth year of the Film Festival, and entries are due after Winter Break, so now is the time to start working on your films!
  • 7 entry categories to choose from – Story, Documentary, Comedy, PSA Plus, Animation, Music Video and a new “Day...
KISD Truancy Law UpdateAttachment 
by Norris, MatthewNo presence information
 9/17/2015 7:31 PM
Parents and Students, please read the attached "Truancy Law Update" which outlines new attendance expectations.
School Supply ListAttachment 
by Womble, LynnNo presence information
 6/4/2015 7:21 AM
High School Course GuideAttachment 
by Womble, LynnNo presence information
 1/29/2015 1:31 PM
(More Announcements...)

 FHMS Value Statements

Mission Statement
In partnership with our community, Fossil Hill Middle School will educate our students to achieve their highest standards of performance, celebrate our diversity and utilize collaboration to provide exceptional educational opportunities that highlight the value and virtue of lifelong learning.
Vision Statement
A phenomenal campus in which to discover, grow, and excel.
FHMS Rigor and Expectations
FHMS Rigor encourages each student to apply his/her learning both inside and outside of the classroom, and to relate that learning to his/her individual experiences.
Our students are expected to:
  • Be prepared to learn actively at all times.
  • Develop strong character based on integrity;respect by considering others' perspectives.
  • Set goals & create plans to become productive citizens.
  • Display engagement through inquiry.
  • Produce multiple solutions with logical reasoning.

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