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Timber Creek Class of 2017, here's some things you should know.

There will be a Prom Dress Code meeting on Feb. 16, 2017 at 6p in the Fine Arts Center.

TCHS PTSA Scholarship applications will be available starting February 21, 2017 in both the TCHS Counseling Office and the TCHS Main Office. In order to apply for the PTSA Scholarship, you must be a member of the TCHS PTSA by March 1, 2017 - only a $10 membership fee. You may also contact Janet Fowler at for membership information and the scholarship application.

The senior assembly took place on Jan. 17 and very important information about graduation, transcripts, seat time, scholarship information and project graduation was talked about. Here is a recap on everything talked about in the assembly.

Balfour recommends ordering your cap and gown before Jan. 31, after that date there will be a $20 late fee. Jan. 31 is also the last day Balfour will be at school to sell graduation supplies. Later on they will only be passing out orders. It is recommended to order your cap and gown online, because every year when they are here on the last day, the line is always very long.

Semester transcripts will not be ready until Jan. 27. It is recommended that you wait until the week of Jan. 23 to make a request for fall semester transcripts. If you owe seat time it is very important that you complete your seat time, turn in the green sheet and check home access to see your credits restored before ordering transcripts.

Timber Creek counseling wants to show off the senior class, so once accepted and enrolled at a university go visit Odallis in the front office and she will take your picture and post your school choice in the south hall. This is to recognize the seniors for all the hard work they have done.

The Timber Creek scholarship competition is under way. When scholarship money is given to seniors, please give notice (with acceptance letter or evidence) to Julie Delgatto so she can keep track of all the scholarship money seniors bring in. This is to compete with the other high schools, on which the school brings in more scholarship money and to represent Timber Creek for the brightest students in the district. The seniors last year brought in over $21,000,000 in scholarship money! The 2017 senior class is much bigger than the class of 2016 and it should be an easy number to beat. It is worth noting that even if you do not attend the college that has rewarded you scholarship money, it can still be given to Delgatto. In May there is a Senior Awards ceremony to recognize seniors that turned in scholarship forms. Many people from in and out of the district attend and it is a great way to celebrate all that the seniors have accomplished.

The PTSA would like to inform students of a scholarship they have in the spring. Students must join the PTSA to be eligible for the scholarship, and must join before March 1. Last year the PTSA gave over ten scholarships amounting to $500!

Later on in the year, other scholarships will be posted on the counselor corner including local scholarships, booster, athletic and more!

Even though senioritis is in full swing for many students, grades still matter! Do not fail a class in the last year of high school. If you have failed a class last semester, please go talk to your counselors. If you have failed a class in previous years and have not retaken it, please talk to your counselors. If you are unsure if you need to retake a class or anything regarding your ability to graduate, go talk to your counselors! If you owe seat time for a specific class, you do not pass this class! Look for the asterisk on Home Access Center to check on seat time (or go talk to your counselors). Counselors are here to help you!

If you know you can graduate Distinguished, please go get forms from Matthew Carrington if you have not already. If you have gotten forms from Carrington already, check the Talon article on Distinguished Achievement.

Project Graduation - a party for you after graduation to celebrate your accomplishments will be held at Main Event after graduation on  Saturday, May 27, 2017 from midnight to 5 a.m.

$65 Registration extended to Feb 28. Currently the organizers have 70 registrations but need 300 for them to put on the party.

Available to all Seniors (regardless of attending PG party), Flocking Flamingos - Free to participate in, 5 tickets to sign someone up, 5 tickets to participate in the flocking.
T-Shirts are available for $15. Yard Signs are available for $25 .

Senior Serve - their largest fundraiser is dinner and entertainment served by seniors. They get to purchase a table, sell the seats and decorate it with a theme of their choosing. Deadline to commit/ pay for your table March 3, 2017. Senior Serve will be March 23, and tables will cost $120. More information will be released soon!

On Tuesday, Jan. 24 in the Fine Arts Center at 7 p.m., there will be a parent meeting regarding grad night, prom items and Balfour.

Prom will be May 20. Tickets for prom will go on sale Feb. 1, at midnight. Tickets for prom will be $100 and there is a $3 fee to order online. They will also be selling tickets at school, but it is recommended to order online. There will be another fundraiser for prom and more information on this will be released soon!