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Bulldog Best, Never Less! 
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The community of Keller ISD will educate our students to achieve their highest standards of performance by engaging them in exceptional opportunities.


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 The Parkwood Prospect

Pros●pect (n) – anticipation; expectation; a looking forward​​

Good morning Parkwood Hill family,

         It was a pleasure seeing so many of our families during House Family Game Night on Thursday evening!  If you were able to make it, we thank you for investing that time.  If you were not, we certainly understand, and hope you'll join us next time.

         The success of House Family Game Night rested squarely on the shoulders of two groups; our PHIS House Council, and our PHIS PTA.  The House Council is a group of student leaders and staff members who nurture "student voice" at Parkwood Hill.  In fact, House Family Game Night was first proposed by our kids!  We are really proud of their work, as well as the work of our teachers who brought it to fruition.  I also want to give thanks to our fantastic PTA, which was generous in donating pizza, soft drinks, and volunteers.  It's a blessing to know our parents always stand beside us with willing hands.  We love and appreciate our House Council students, our House Council teachers, and our PTA!

If you didn't make it on Thursday evening, we hope so see you next time.  Please consider this your personal invitation to "Bulldog Madness Night" on Thursday, March 22.  It is a similar come-and-go event designed to be fun and casual for our families.  You'll find it listed on our current March calendar, which has been added below.  As always, I hope you have a fantastic week ahead!

Giving you my "Bulldog Best, Never Less,"

Brad Tyler, Principal


If you're like me, and about 3 billion others worldwide, you'll be watching the Olympic Games over the next two weeks.  There's no storyline more compelling than one that begins with sacrifice, and ends with victory.  It's a drama old as time, and still brings tears to our eyes, even as spectators.

As parents and educators, we want our kids to be victorious, and we sacrifice for them every day.  It's such a shared experience that simply witnessing others sacrifice for their kids is enough to strike a chord deep within our hearts.  It's the reason that television commercials like Procter & Gamble's "Thank you, Mom" (see below) are so powerful.  While we know sacrifice is fundamental for parents, we sometimes forget that failure is fundamental for kids.

Our kids need to fall down before they walk, and the same goes for countless milestones in their lives.  What you don't see in the P&G commercial is a mom jumping between her son and the dasher boards, or a dad catching his daughter in the middle of a failed salchow.  Sometimes, as hard as it is to watch, you are the spectator of sprains and bruises, physical and otherwise.  Sometimes the hardest thing is to let the hard thing be the best thing that ever happened to your child.  It's not easy.  It takes sacrifice.

Victory always does.

How will you encourage your child to stand up and take another risk this week?  What decision will you encourage your child to make on his or her own?

Click HERE to see the Sochi 2014 P&G commercial that inspired this post.




Congratulations Reveur!  The Dreamers are back on top!

Reward/Recognition:  The reward wheel landed on "Dance Party," so our dreamers will have a fun gathering to start their day on Monday morning!





12 – Middle School Information Sessions for PHIS 6th Grade (Students Only, During School Day)

13 – Middle School Registration Opens for 6th Graders (Course Guide)

15 – Isibindi House Meeting (Isibindi Students Encouraged to Wear Green)

15 – Positive Proof Child ID Representatives on Campus

16 – End of 4th, Six-Week Grading Period

19 – No School – Teacher Professional Development Day

20 – Start of 5th, Six-Week Grading Period

22 – Reveur House Meeting (Reveur Students Encouraged to Wear Blue)

23 – Middle School Registration Closes for 6th Graders (Course Guide)

23 – Box Tops for Education Spring Deadline (Collection Box in PHIS Lobby)

27 – Career Day! – Morning Career Exploration Sessions for Students

27 – "Be Prepared, Stay Healthy Community Event," 4:30-7:30 p.m. at Keller Center for Advanced Learning (KCAL) – Details Here



1 – 5th Grade Spinal Screenings (Odd Day PE Classes)

2 – 5th Grade Spinal Screenings (Even Day PE Classes)

7 – PTA Spirit Night at Panera Bread Watauga, 4:00-8:00 p.m. – Details Here

12-16 – No School – Spring Break Holiday

22 – Student Immunization Clinic, 3:30-5:30 p.m. at PHIS – Details Here

22 – "Bulldog Madness Night" presented by PTA, 6:30-8:00 p.m. (Free Food & Open Gyms)

26-29 – Scholastic Book Fair Hosted by PHIS Library

27 – "Hello Shakespeare" Spring Drama/Musical Performance, 7:00 p.m. at PHIS

30 – No School (Bad Weather Make-up Date if Necessary)





Candy Grams for Sale! – House Council is selling $1 Candy Grams for Valentine's Day.  They can be purchased before school starts, or during student lunch times, on Monday and Tuesday only.  Candy Grams will be delivered at the end of the school day on Wednesday, February 14.

PTA Spirit Shop Water Bottles on Sale – Our Parkwood Hill PTA is selling "Parkwood Hill Bulldogs" water bottles for $5 each.  Sales are made offline.  Print and return your order form by clicking here.

Yearbook Sales Extended – Our 2017-2018 Parkwood Hill yearbook is still available at the extended price of $25 each.  Please order yours at!


Monday, February 12

Middle School Registration Information Sessions (Students Only) - During the school day on Monday, all sixth grade students will attend a middle school registration information session at Parkwood Hill.  These sessions are facilitated by counselors from Hillwood Middle School, and are for students only.  If you are a parent with questions regarding 7th grade registration, you are invited to contact Mr. Tim Berube ( at Hillwood Middle School.


Tuesday, February 13

Middle School Registration Opens for 6th Graders (Course Guide)


Thursday, February 15

Positive Proof Child ID Program – During lunch, representatives from Positive Proof will be on site to register students whose parents have submitted applications to participate.


Friday, February 16

End of Grading Period – Friday is the final day of the fourth, six-week grading period.  Please ensure your child submits any late or missing assignments that his teacher is able to accept.  Grades will be finalized soon.


Monday, February 19

Student Holiday – No School for Students.  Teachers will be participating in professional development.




Drop-Off/Pick-Up Safely – Please support our school, and the safety of our students, by sharing the expectation that all students use marked crosswalks when crossing Parkwood Hill Boulevard or Redwood Trail to meet a waiting vehicle.  It is unsafe, and it is illegal, for anyone to impede traffic by crossing the street at unmarked locations.  This is also true for any driver making a U-turn in the street. 

In addition, in order to protect all of our students, please drop off and pick up your child directly at a curb.  You may use the right or left curb; however, it is unsafe for any child to exit a vehicle directly in the path of oncoming vehicles.  We encourage all of our families to review and follow our "Arrival & Dismissal Guide" by clicking here.  Thank you for caring for your child's safety, and working together to keep all or our bulldogs safe.

"Keep Flu out of School" – According to the Centers for Disease Control, the best preventative measure against influenza (flu) is an annual flu shot; however, hand hygiene is also important.  Please encourage your bulldog to wash his hands regularly and thoroughly to reduce the likelihood of flu transmission.  If your child has a fever, or is diagnosed with flu, please keep him home until cleared to return to school.  For more information regarding the flu, click here.

Required Spring Immunizations for 6th Graders – According to Texas state law, students entering 7th grade are required to have the following immunizations:  Tdap booster, Meningitis vaccination, and a second vaccination for Varicella.  Preliminary schedules for 7th grade will not be given to students whose immunizations are not in compliance, and the deadline is April 20, 2018.  Updated immunization records can be delivered to our PHIS front office, or faxed to our campus nurse at (817) 744-4038.  If you have questions, please email




Attend a Free Parent Workshop - Each month, the Keller Learning Center is offering free parent workshops.  These are open to all Keller ISD parents, and cover a wide variety of topics.  Some of the upcoming sessions include "Sexting and Cyberbullying for Parents," "The Importance of a Mentor," "Self-Esteem: What is it, and why is it important?," and "Communication: Making the Connection."  Click here to take a look at all available sessions, and please sign up!

Collect Box Tops for Education - Our PTA manages the Box Tops program at PHIS, and rewards prizes for the top 5th and 6th grade contributors each six weeks!  Please collect Box Tops in an envelope or baggie, and then write your student's name, homeroom teacher, and grade on the outside.  Collections can be dropped in the Box Tops Collection Box in our PHIS lobby, and the spring deadline is February 23.  If you have questions, please contact Heather Rudzik at

Register to Volunteer - If you plan to volunteer on our campus this spring, please make sure you have successfully completed the 2017-2018 KISD Volunteer Application.  This application and background check must be completed each year, and will cover all Keller ISD campuses when successful.  All parents/guardians must apply online, and can access the application here.




Parkwood Hill Counseling News – Our campus is a leader in social-emotional learning initiatives, and is blessed with a phenomenal counseling team.  Check out their latest newsletter, and connect with our counselors by clicking here.

Campus Flyers – This year, campus flyers will be posted to "Peachjar."  Visit our website at, and click on the link for "Peachjar Digital Flyers."

Campus information is always available online!

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If you have any solutions, concerns, or praise that can serve to make Parkwood Hill a better place for our kiddos, please fill out a brief, online feedback form by clicking here.  When using the form, you can choose to share your name, or to remain anonymous.


Thank you for staying informed, active, and involved in the education of our bulldogs!