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Bulldog Best, Never Less! 
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The community of Keller ISD will educate our students to achieve their highest standards of performance by engaging them in exceptional opportunities.


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 The Parkwood Prospect

Pros●pect (n) – anticipation; expectation; a looking forward​

         Thank you for supporting our students and staff during Red Ribbon Week last week.  I know it took patience and energy to navigate the dress-up days, as well as a change in schedule, and we really appreciate you.  Although the week ahead is somewhat busy, it should be more quiet at school.

         This Tuesday, many families will celebrate Halloween; however, it is not a dress-up day at PHIS.  All of our students should dress as they would on a typical school day.  Please remind our bulldogs to keep their costumes, masks, and accessories at home.  The only dress occasion next week will be on Thursday and/or Friday.

         On Thursday, all Amistad students are encouraged to wear red for their house meeting.  Then, on Friday, all of our bulldogs are invited to wear their house colors.  The end of the week also brings the end of our second grading period.

In preparation for grade reporting, you may wish to check the Home Access Center (HAC) for any late or missing assignments your child has not submitted.  Some teachers, depending on the assignment, may be willing to accept it for a grade.  In addition to collecting eligible assignments, our teachers are also collecting permission slips for the upcoming PHIS spelling bee.

Fifth grade tryouts for the PHIS spelling bee will be held in the library on November 8, immediately after school.  Sixth grade tryouts will take place the following day, on November 9.  Only 50 applicants will be accepted per grade level, so interested students are asked to turn in their forms as soon as possible.  More information, including links to the forms, is located in the "Save The Date" section below.

         It is difficult to believe November arrives in a few days, but we're looking forward to a month of gratitude.  We will first honor and thank our veterans on November 10, and then celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays.  Until then, we have a lot to accomplish with our kiddos.  I hope you have a great week ahead!

Giving you my "Bulldog Best, Never Less,"

Brad Tyler, Principal


Congratulations Tassei!  Our "Achievers" continue to lead the way!

Reward/Recognition:  The reward wheel landed on "Dance Party."  Students in Tassei are invited to have fun and socialize for a few minutes on Monday morning.





30 – Suicide Prevention Seminar, 6:30 p.m. at KISD Education Center (Details Here)

31 – PTA Reflections Entry Deadline – Rules & Entry Form Here



2 – Amistad House Meeting (Amistad Students Encouraged to Wear Red)

3 – Color Out Day!  (All Students Encouraged to Wear Their House Colors)

3 – End of 2nd, Six-Week Grading Period

6 – No School – Student Holiday

7 – Start of 3rd, Six-Week Grading Period

7 – Election Day

8 – 5th Grade Spelling Bee Tryout, 3:05 p.m., PHIS Library (Details Here)

9 – 6th Grade Spelling Bee Tryout, 3:05 p.m., PHIS Library (Details Here)

9 – Esperanza House Meeting (Esperanza Students Encouraged to Wear Orange)

10 – Veterans Day Breakfast & Honor Assemblies

11 – Casey's Kids Fun Run (Details Here)

13-17 – Fall Scholastic Book Fair

14 – Fall Picture Make-up Date (By Request)

14 – PHIS Game Night with Lady Chargers Basketball, Central HS (5:00 FR, 6:15 JV, 7:30 Varsity)

16 – Heshima House Meeting (Heshima Students Encouraged to Wear Teal)

16-19 – Fossil Ridge HS Theatre Presents "The Little Mermaid" (Details Here)

20-24 – No School – Thanksgiving Holiday Week

27-Dec. 1 – PTA Holiday Shoppe

30 – Isibindi House Meeting (Isibindi Students Encouraged to Wear Green)






"Within Reach" PTA Reflections Contest – Now through October 31, all bulldogs are encouraged to express themselves in one or more of the following artistic categories: Dance Choreography, Literature, Film Production, Photography, Visual Arts, and Musical Composition.  See contest flyer here.  Rules and entry form are on our website by clicking here.


Monday, October 30

Suicide Prevention Seminar, 6:30 p.m. at Keller ISD Education Center – Licensed professionals from the Keller Counselors Association (KCA) will host an information session to talk about the mental health of our children.  They will discuss the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression while providing practical advice for the prevention of self-harm and suicide. Click here for more details.


Tuesday, October 31

"Reflections" Entries Due - Positive recognition is the focus of the PTA "Reflections" contest, where students submit original work in the following categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts.  All entries for this year's contest should be submitted to the PHIS library collection box on Tuesday.  Official rules and contest entry form can be found on our Parkwood Hill campus website by clicking here.


Friday, November 3

Color Out Day! – All students are encouraged to wear their house shirts, or their house colors, on Friday.

End of Grading Period – The final day of the second grading period is this Friday.  Please ensure your child has completed and submitted any late or missing work that is eligible for a grade.  Parents are encouraged to use the Home Access Center (HAC) to determine if any assignments are marked "Missing" in the gradebook.  Please contact your child's teacher with any assignment questions.


Monday, November 6

Student Holiday – No School for Students.  Teachers will be participating in professional development.



Fall Severe Weather Season – As we transition to a season of cooler weather, thunderstorms can affect our afternoon dismissal.  In the event of severe weather, the safety of our students is our top priority.  If lightning or other adverse conditions are present, all outdoor activities cease, including the loading of buses and the release of students.

In the event of a "Severe Weather Dismissal," all students are held in their homeroom class except those whose parents have signed a severe weather waiver.  Throughout the duration of the weather event, non-waiver students remain in their homeroom class unless a parent enters the building, presents appropriate identification, and physically escorts him/her out of the building.  Once the severe weather subsides, students will once again be allowed to exit the building.  If you are interested in more information about Keller ISD's severe weather policy, please click here.



Shape Education in Keller ISD - KISD has initiated a visioning process, built on the community's input, to define the district's focus in coming years.  Everyone living in Keller ISD is invited to complete a brief questionnaire, and has the opportunity to volunteer further.  For more information, click here.

Encourage Participation in PTA Reflections Contest - Positive recognition is the focus of "Reflections," and students of all ages and abilities can experience the benefits of creative expression while telling their own story.  This year's theme is "Within Reach," and students can submit original work in the following categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts.  A flyer with more details can be found here.





Campus Flyers – This year, campus flyers will be posted to "Peachjar."  Visit our website at, and click on the link for "Peachjar Digital Flyers."

Campus information is always available online!

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If you have any solutions, concerns, or praise that can serve to make Parkwood Hill a better place for our kiddos, please fill out a brief, online feedback form by clicking here.  When using the form, you can choose to share your name, or to remain anonymous.

Thank you for staying informed, active, and involved in the education of our bulldogs!