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Maps & Directions

Traffic Pattern - Drop Off.JPG

Hello KMS Parents,

A quick note to all who may drop off or pick up students at Keller Middle School.  Before and after school are very hectic with cars and kids, so we want to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding:

1.  Traffic pattern & control at the drop off locations (map above)

2.  Where to drop off and pick up (map below)

***Be advised, the pedestrian gate to the south end of the courtyard/breezeway (indicated on the map below by the solid red line) will be closed at all times this year. Please do not drop off your child here in the morning.***

Mornings / Drop Off:

  • The U-shaped driveway at the Northwest corner of the school
  • Two lanes of "One Way" traffic
  • Please drop off at the bottom of the driveway (indicated by red star on map above)
  • Alternate drop off at the main entrance of the school (near flag pole)

Afternoons / Pick Up:

  • Preferred location for all pickups is the designated lanes mentioned above
  • Do not pick up children in the designated bus lanes (indicated in yellow on map below)
Drop Off and Pick Up Map.JPG