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​​​Welcome to the KMS English Department!​​​​​​​​​​



Room Number: 305 Phone Number: 817-744-2799 Tutorial Times: before or after school Class Schedule: 1st period- Team Period 2nd and 3rd period- 7th grade ELA pre AP GT 5th and 6th period- 7th grade ELA pre AP GT 7th and 8th period- 7th gradeKELLERISD\28226EnglishEnglish Teacher9/14/2016 4:54:58 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/28226_MThumb.jpgAllen, Amy5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e879e8d228-1606-4f1f-9064-a7c46b6ede22
Welcome to Ms. Kennedy's 7th grade ENGLISH class! My name is Susan Kennedy and this is my 26th year teaching at Keller Middle School. I earned my Bachelor of Science in psychology and my Master of Education in Secondary Education at Texas Christian University. I'm looking forward to another great year here at KMS in 7th grade English!KELLERISD\12563EnglishEnglish Teacher9/6/2016 3:17:00 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/12563_MThumb.jpgKennedy, Susan5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e88a9b5157-3795-4753-8252-32c38f247c53
This is Mr. Lacy's third year at Keller Middle School. Prior to teaching at Keller Middle School, Mr. Lacy worked for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department as a Juvenile Correctional Officer. Prior to his time with TJJD, Mr. Lacy worked as an Athletic Performance Coach for Jesuit College Preparatory of Dallas, Baylor University, and Abilene Christian University. He also spent time as a Health teacher for Jesuit College Preparatory. Mr. Lacy currently resides in Haslet, Texas with his wife, Katie, three boys, Landen (7) and Jase (3), John Luke (5 months), and their dog, Smash. Special Note: ​You will find there is a link to the right on this page that will take you to an Amazon link for school supplies. Please know this is to give you an idea of what your child will need for the school year in my class. You do not need to purchase these items from Amazon or even the brand that is on the list. This is merely a list to give you an idea of what we will be using in class. Also know that if your child is enrolled in AVID the binder used in that class will also be used in this class so there is no need to purchase a separate binder. Thank you and if you have any questions please feel free to email me.KELLERISD\29030EnglishEnglish Teacher12/7/2016 8:47:22 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/29030_MThumb.jpgLacy, Logan5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8e62571bd-5db6-4208-8465-cdb62c8c8b08
This is my fourth year as a KMS Comanche, but it is my first year back in the classroom teaching English. I taught English before I became a Librarian and am so excited to be back in the classroom! I graduated from Texas Tech University and currently have a son at Baylor University.KELLERISD\11730EnglishEnglish Teacher2/19/2016 9:17:34 PMMcCorkle, SandraNeed help finding a good book? Let me know and I'll help you find the perfect selection!5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e826cf53e1-be6f-42c9-9e47-69403420c5ce
KELLERISD\30674Room 308EnglishEnglish Teacher9/7/2016 4:02:25 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/30674_MThumb.jpgSanders, Victoria5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8ffa66ff2-495c-401a-b02f-499cae0775c0
So glad you found me! I love teaching English and am looking forward to another wonderful year in the classroom. This year marks my sixteenth year teaching! I grew up in Grand Prairie and attended Arlington schools. I was a proud Hutcheson Chapparral in junior high and a Long Tall Texan at Sam Houston High School. I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was very young. That interest became even more solidified with the influence of many amazing teachers along the way! I attended Texas A&M University where I majored in English and minored in History. I began my teaching career in Irving and have been in Keller for the past twelve years. I have taught 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades and enjoyed them all. Teaching is what I am supposed to be doing. I love watching children grow through reading and writing. Every year is different, and I look forward to another fullfilling year of learning! I have two beautiful daughters, Katelyn and Emma. They keep my husband and me busy and laughing!! I love the beach - Destin, Florida! And, my family and I enjoy camping in Colorado. It's fun to get away for a while and relax every now and then!!KELLERISD\12947EnglishEnglish Teacher2/19/2016 8:38:00 PMSpratt, Elizabeth5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8d235c456-b44c-46a5-85bc-39c317326d10
I am an ELA teacher and I love the power of language. My professional mission is to create a safe, engaging, and energetic classroom where all students can see and attain their greatest potential. I want my students to do relevant work. I want them to read books they love. I want them to write to connect with others. We encourage each other, we take risks, and we explore to learn. We LOVE language!KELLERISD\22304EnglishEnglish Teacher2/22/2016 6:34:57 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/22304_MThumb.jpgThiele, Stephanie5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8652dc1e0-f89b-4ff6-9a14-aec70a6a5e06
This is my 8th year teaching English at KMS. I also went to this school when I was in 7th and 8th grades, which I guess means I never really wanted to grow up.KELLERISD\24095EnglishEnglish Teacher2/19/2016 9:11:54 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/24095_MThumb.jpgWhitehead, Jeffrey5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8a75686e1-7fa2-478b-ab4c-970cac1ff0f1
KELLERISD\27821EnglishEnglish Teacher12/7/2016 8:47:29 AMZimmerman, Dusty5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e81847534e-55f7-47fa-932c-be820526ee10