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VOE - Verification of Enrollment​

If you are getting your learners permit or drivers license over the summer, you must come by the attendance office or sign up online for a summer VOE form. The last day to sign up for a summer VOE will be May 22nd, so be sure to plan ahead and sign up for these before you are no longer able to do so! No summer VOE's will be processed after May 22nd! You may pick up your summer VOE after school beginning May 22nd.
Students who need to get a driver's permit, license or renew their current license must present a TEA/VOE form to the Department of Public Safety. The VOE forms issued during the school year expire 30 days from issuance. VOEs issued the last 5 days of the school expire the first day of the following school year. 

To request a VOE, you will need to enter the student's Full Name, Student ID#, and Date of Birth. All VOE requests are made online at KHS VOE. The VOE may be picked up at the Attendance Office. Please allow 2 business days for processing.​