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I received a phone call stating that my student was absent, but he/she was there all day. 

You can view your student's attendance in HAC.  Click on the day in question and it will show you the period(s) your student was marked absent.  Please note, you cannot access this function using a phone or tablet. If you are unable to access HAC, have your student come to the attendance office and we can look it up. For an absence to be corrected, your student should come to the attendance office and get an Attendance Correction Form.  Once that is completed and signed by the teacher, we can correct the absence to reflect present. 

What do the different colors and codes in HAC mean?

Green = a recognized excused absence.

Red= a non recognized unexcused absence.  This includes PRN which is a parent notification in writing or by phone. 

Black = any changes to the attendance that a teacher recorded.  This includes any absences that have been corrected via the attendance correction form.  We cannot delete what a teacher has recorded.  We can, however, change the code to reflect a student was present with proper documentation.  Many times if it is black it is coded PRE. This means the student was present.

Pink = a tardy or early dismissal

Orange = more than one attendance code has been entered for that day. Example, a student was late to school and marked absent from 1st period and tardy to 2nd. 

I have someone listed on my emergency contact list, but they were not allowed to pick my child up.  

An emergency contact, listed in your student's record, is able to pick your student up from school. However, only a  Guardian may authorize the student's release from school.  A Guardian must notify the attendance office, either in writing or by phone, authorizing the student's release from school.

​I called early this morning, why doesn't my student have a pass yet?

Passes are delivered during the period that the student is going to be dismissed from. For example, if you call in the morning for a dismissal at 3:00, your student will not receive the pass until 5th period, which starts at 2:55.​