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I am a product of Keller ISD; proud graduate of Keller High School. After graduation, I attended Abilene Christian University and studied education. I have been teaching math for 15 years, all at ISMS. Tutorial Times:​​ Wednesday/Friday: 8:00 am - 8:25 am Wednesday/Friday: 4th Period (in B109) Tuesday/Thursday: 3:45 pm - 4:15 pmKELLERISD\13187MathMath Teacher9/1/2016 2:56:43 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/13187_MThumb.jpgBerg, ErinMath Department or Team 835db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e88efc1de7-f2f6-4a1c-854d-e623c643bea8
I have been teaching at ISMS for 10 years. I feel very blessed to be able to work at such a wonderful school with amazing students. Please use the canvas link below for classroom information.KELLERISD\20309Resource-Inclusion - MathResource-Inclusion - Math Teacher3/28/2017 7:58:53 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/20309_MThumb.jpgCobb, Karna5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e87395ef5b-702a-4ca7-9c1e-ee6d88e40b48
conference time:​KELLERISD\21235Math6th Grade - Math Teacher3/28/2017 7:57:32 AMHitchborn, Audra5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e89e6af2f1-b9a2-4db6-b8fb-09d1fb3bf6bb
I coach the ISMS Tennis Team and teach 7th Grade Math.KELLERISD\21858MathMath Teacher3/28/2017 7:59:39 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/21858_MThumb.jpgLucas, Steven5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e83815950f-dcaf-4b45-b9dd-99cc1ff6bb7a
Conference: 2:00-2:45KELLERISD\13412Math5th Grade - Math Teacher3/28/2017 7:57:59 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/13412_MThumb.jpgMcNeff, Olivia5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e80bba206c-095d-4ffa-973b-2bfc52d17d70
Pre-Algebra - Indian Springs Middle SchoolKELLERISD\24578MathMath Teacher12/16/2016 8:53:08 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/24578_MThumb.jpgNorris, Matthew5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8698caa9e-2b53-4138-ae39-3d435cd70f34
Conference time 1:55-2:40pmKELLERISD\11852Math5th Grade - Math Teacher3/28/2017 7:59:05 AMOwen, Janette5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8246e124c-b7e0-41de-bc04-78db79471ae7
Mrs. Patterson's 8th Grade Science Class Please eagles come and visit meMornings -Tuesday & Friday Flight - Wednesday & FridayRoom B104 email: mindy.patterson@kellerisd.netAcademic Background Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary StudiesTeaching Certification Certified in Mathematics/Science 4-8, Mathematics 8-12 and Generalist ec-6Indian SpringsMotto "ISMS Eagles - Learn here, soar there!"KELLERISD\25322MathMath Teacher3/28/2017 7:58:25 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/25322_MThumb.jpgPatterson, Mindy5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8cbd47ac1-d7ca-4b10-9275-86959e117645
I graduated from Mississippi College with a BS in Education. I have been teaching at ISMS for 10 years. I am in my 29th year of teaching with 25 of them teaching exclusively math (including 8 years of Algebra.) For all of these years, my professional joy and passion has been to help my students understand concepts that they have found difficult to previously understand.KELLERISD\14038MathMath Teacher8/17/2016 7:04:49 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/14038_MThumb.jpgRagsdale, SuzannePre-AP Pre-Algebra;Academic Math 7;Competitve Tennis;Math Club5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8ba2c4e9d-3e40-44c2-914d-ecf3651b642f
My conference time is 10:00 - 10:55.KELLERISD\27685Math5th Grade - Math Teacher3/28/2017 7:58:26 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/27685_MThumb.jpgRoy, Lisa5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e80d92d91b-6283-404c-8d3f-77b4bafe85ac
I have worked in KISD for eight years. I thoroughly enjoy watching the students light up when they learn something new! My tutorial times: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday- after school. Tuesday before school.KELLERISD\26481Math6th Grade - Math Teacher12/17/2016 8:55:31 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/26481_MThumb.jpgShedler, Denise5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e819aaca08-9c2c-415f-9c85-c0127a57e9a4
I am so excited to be teaching 5th Grade Eagles at ISMS this year! I have taught 4th grade for the past three years, but this will be my first year teaching in Texas. My passion is helping children reach their highest potential and I can't wait to help my students soar! ​ ​​​KELLERISD\30290Math5th Grade - Math Teacher3/28/2017 8:01:23 AMSpencer, Jordan5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e854812ed4-8103-49c0-b2fb-f27d62ec5116
The 2016-17 school year is my 5th year of teaching, and my 3rd here at ISMS. I moved to Keller from Pennsylvania two years ago. I like to spend my free time watching football, kayaking, being outside, and playing with my dog Buddy Bear! Tutorial Schedule: Tuesday & Wednesday before school (8:00- 8:25) Wednesday & Friday flight (4th Period) Monday and Wednesday after school (3:40-4:15)KELLERISD\29211MathMath Teacher12/17/2016 8:55:30 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/29211_MThumb.jpgSzymanski, NicoleMath 8;Algebra 1;NJHS5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8055a9c29-3ffe-416b-9c5f-e1e06e73acf2
KELLERISD\27370MathMath Teacher3/28/2017 7:56:17 AMVenegas, Elizabeth5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8041240bf-c870-464e-850f-b7124bea01aa
Welcome to Indian Springs Middle SchoolI am looking forward to a great year!KELLERISD\10249Math6th Grade - Math Teacher9/15/2016 7:43:04 AMWood, Julie5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8d5f962c6-6a68-4cbc-bbb8-546626fcc396