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I have been a teacher at Indian Springs since the school opened. I enjoy reading a wide variety of genres. I am available for tutorials before school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I am available for tutorials after school Monday - Thursday.KELLERISD\10168EnglishEnglish Teacher8/7/2017 6:01:01 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/10168_MThumb.jpgBerg, Timothy5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e88f0f3392-f22c-4e03-80db-291fa6027fe1
KELLERISD\23084EnglishEnglish Teacher2/20/2018 8:51:04 AMGneiting, Molly5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e89f747f31-7b48-4a4e-a2e0-ea70a68f5a23
Welcome to 7th Grade ELA!It's going to be a fantastic 2016-2017 school year 7th grade Eagles! Welcome to Mrs. Goree's class where we are going to explore writing and expressing ourselves in a variety of creative platforms and diving into the world of reading. I promise you that you will have fun! This is my 8th year at ISMS and I have two kids: Adrienne is an 9th grader at KHS and Caleb is an 8th grader. I am also the ISMS 7/8 Grade Student Council Advisor-if you are looking for a way to get involved in school, please join us! We'd love to have you fill out an application! Email is the best way to get ahold of me: Conference: 2:11-2:56 7th periodFLIGHT Period: Wednesday & Thursday during 7th period Tutorials: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoon 3:50-4:15 Thursday & Friday morning 8:00-8:23 *or by appointment ​​ ​​KELLERISD\26029EnglishEnglish Teacher8/25/2017 7:12:16 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/26029_MThumb.jpgGoree, Kathy5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8dc00d5e5-b1d9-4a2b-907c-d10c2c19ea7f
KELLERISD\31536EnglishEnglish Teacher11/9/2017 7:11:38 PMGreen, Destiny5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8587fea48-7a8a-4a4c-ae02-5472c300b015
I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Florida in English and Speech Education. This is my 12th year at ISMS. Currently I teach 3 8th grade GT ELA classes, 2 Flight classes and the PALS (Peer-Assistance-Leadership-Service) class. I also head up the Ambassador Program at ISMS. I am married and have 3 grown daughters. I love what I do and I look forward to getting to know you and your child. I will do my best to make this a fun, enjoyable and rewarding year for your student. My Tutorial Times are Monday and Wednesday from 3:45-4:30 and I am also available in my classroom (112) during 7th period Flight class on Wednesday and Thursday.KELLERISD\21673EnglishEnglish Teacher8/25/2017 5:16:17 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/21673_MThumb.jpgHarvey, Judythe PALS Program;8th grade GT ELA;Student Ambassadors;Flight/Advisory5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8be419961-b3b9-4084-a8a9-3594a8efccd2
Four years ago, I made the best move of my life and moved to Fort Worth, TX! Before leaving North Carolina, I graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a degree in Middle School Education and taught for five years. Now, I teach 7th grade Pre-AP and Pre-AP GT ​ELA at ISMS. My tutoring times are Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:00-8:23, Monday and Thursday after school until 4:15, and Wednesday and Thursday during Flight. ​​​ My class schedule for 2016-2017:1st Period- 7th Pre-AP ELA GT2nd Period- 7th Pre-AP ELA GT3rd Period- ELA Department Time4th Period- 7th Pre-AP ELA5th Period- 7th Pre-AP GT ELA6th Period- 7th Pre-AP GT ELA7th Period- Team Time8th Period- 7th Pre-AP ELAKELLERISD\29000EnglishEnglish Teacher8/25/2017 7:15:43 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/29000_MThumb.jpgMcGregor, NicolePre-AP English;GT English5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8845707c9-7216-471e-8d3e-1eb6ffb5494a
I am a native Houstonian. My certifications include: English 6-12, ESL Supplemental K-12, and Counseling K-12. Teaching is my passion, and it has been a joy the last 19 years.Bell Schedule2015-20161st Period 8:30 - 9:152nd Period 9:18 – 10-03 Teaming 3rd Period 10:07 – 10:524th Period 10:56 – 11:415th Period 11:45 – 1:15 (lunch) Department and Conference6th Period 1:18 – 2:037th Period 2:07 – 2: 52 8th Period 2:55 – 3:40 Tutoring is Monday- Friday 8:00AM to 8:20AM and 3:40PM to 4:00PM.KELLERISD\15769EnglishEnglish Teacher8/7/2017 6:23:01 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/15769_MThumb.jpgMuckelroy, MichelleAsk me anything that will help our students.5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e811f22921-fb33-4a8e-86d5-e2b3689163e0
I am from Illinois and graduated from Southern Illinois University. However, I became a Texan as soon as I could. This is my 18th year in education. I spent 15 years in GCISD, and this is my third year at ISMS. I thoroughly enjoy middle school students and would not want to teach any other grade level. I have been teaching 8th grade for several years, and I am so excited to be teaching 7th grade English this year. I also coach cross country, basketball, and track. I am an avid runner and have completed more than 10 half marathons. I love to encourage young athletes to develop their running talent. I always tell them that running is a sport that you can still do when you are old. My husband and I have four children, and we live in Keller. Two of our children graduated from KISD. We have a daughter at Keller High and a son who is a 5th grader at ISMS. It is my honor to work in KISD. Tutorial Times: ​KELLERISD\29062EnglishEnglish Teacher2/13/2018 8:49:49 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/29062_MThumb.jpgWalton, Shelly5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e81cacf4b0-a486-4a84-992e-fbeff0028648