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Our Co-Curr team goes above and beyond to engage students in their individual curriculum and  by connecting their classroom to art, music, and physical education.  Our co-curr team has worked on two methods to engage students during their class.  The first, is being intentional about CONNECTing student learning from their core contents to their Art, Music, and PE classes. nd, and very creative method is by starting AMP Up (Art, Music, and PE Up). On AMP Up days students are provided three choices for how they will spend their co-curricular hour.


From the AMP Team:


AMP Up days are some of our favorite days of the year. AMP Up gives the students a chance to explore their talents and abilities in the co-curr class of their choice. These days create a special environment that is not only fun, but also surrounds the students with peers who have similar interests. We get to dig deeper into areas that they are growing passionate about, and it is so fun to see their love for art, music and P.E. come to life!


In addition, our co-curr teachers have incorporated writing into their weekly lessons that help students reflect on their new learning and transform their academic language.