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Dear Parent, A warm "Hello" to you and your child(ren)! I am humbled, excited, and very grateful to have the opportunity to support your child(ren) by serving as the principal of Heritage Elementary School, beginning in the 2017-18 school year. My name is Ellie Adkins Webb. Coming from a family of six children and two loving parents who emphasized the importance of faith, family, and hard work, many unique experiences have shaped who I am and what I value. I'm a first-generation college student who's been blessed with two amazing (Longhorn!) daughters (Beth and Amanda). Thanks to my husband, Jim, and through special provision, I now share in the care of three additional, wonderful children (Benton, Logan and Sheridan), and the "World's Greatest Dog," Lily (our Yorkie). Jim and I enjoy bible study, spending time with our children, community service, and traveling. The past nineteen years of serving in public education has prepared me well for our upcoming journey together, with experience and skills composed of: · 2 years of district-level administration, · 4 years of PK-4 campus-administration, and · 13 years of teaching (grades 3-6). I am an educator who strives to earn the reputation as one who places the needs of children first, "walks the talk," is viewed first as a teacher—and in this role—models life-long learning, is hard-working, fair, helpful, encouraging, and knowledgeable about instructional leadership and child development. As your children are the most precious things to you, I want to assure you that they will also be most precious to me. Nothing will be more important to me than providing a safe, engaging, rigorous, developmentally appropriate, and encouraging learning environment for your child. When making decisions that willl impact your child, my question will always be, "What if this child were mine?" In working to bring innovative and encouraging leadership to Heritage, it is my goal that your child(ren) feel(s) confident, excited, and hopeful about coming to school each day! I'm honored to partner with you in your child's learning journey, and covet your active presence and partnership in helping our students. We need and appreciate you, and I can't think of anything better than working together as "Heroes" for our children. Enthusiastically about the interests of children, Ellie Adkins Webb, Principal 817-744-4900KELLERISD\31778PrincipalPrincipal9/19/2017 7:34:59 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/31778_MThumb.jpgAdkins Webb, EllieHeritage Elementary5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e88585279c-3894-4a62-ad79-82747dd7aedc
KELLERISD\31939LifeLife Teacher7/19/2017 7:56:59 AMAllen, Jordan5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e87208d19f-594c-415f-a113-73c5339e6c21
KELLERISD\26167ESL - Comp EdESL Teacher5/11/2018 8:41:44 PMArmendarez, Nicole5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8e207b409-681b-4e44-8250-9932752fed3f
KELLERISD\29290Office IIOffice II Aide3/28/2017 7:59:54 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/29290_MThumb.jpgBaxter, Alejandrina5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e81cd288aa-111f-439c-8f11-d542802808e5
KELLERISD\287314th Grade4th Grade Teacher6/1/2017 8:46:22 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/28731_MThumb.jpgBlevins, Telisa5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e87fd07bab-9bf8-486a-aa05-079fe765f94b
KELLERISD\281812nd Grade2nd Grade Teacher3/28/2017 7:59:19 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/28181_MThumb.jpgBode, ChristinaMy conference time is 9:00-9:555db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e87b80c0fd-ed32-4cba-b39c-8a18b4d1d0fe
KELLERISD\13773Resource-InclusionResource-Inclusion Teacher6/20/2017 7:51:04 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/13773_MThumb.jpgBolton, Kathy5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e86ae66872-9463-4226-8702-600e969f6410
​​​​​​​Conference - 10:05-11:05 ​Monday - Art Tuesday/Thursday - PE Wednesday - Music Friday - Drama ​​Lunch - 11:45-12:15 Recess - 12:30-1:00KELLERISD\223473rd Grade3rd Grade Teacher3/28/2017 7:57:20 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/22347_MThumb.jpgBraun, Kelly5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8ffeebdfe-db4e-4f4e-847b-dab6d0473c68
KELLERISD\310164th Grade4th Grade Teacher6/7/2017 7:36:16 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/31016_MThumb.jpgBray, Chelsi5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8dd773673-774f-4d72-8dc1-de8bd3d41a19
My conference time is 11:35-12:30Direct line is :817-744-4977​KELLERISD\23299IST - Elementary Comp EDIST - Elementary Teacher10/24/2017 7:55:09 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/23299_MThumb.jpgBurchfield, Cyndee5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e806b70ba0-6b95-473e-97e5-0fcf57863ad6

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Conference Time: 2:00-2:55KELLERISD\254971st Grade1st Grade Teacher3/28/2017 7:58:15 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/25497_MThumb.jpgShue, Sarah5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8ddc5bfd9-7824-4eea-8cdc-8ecc9aca28dc
My Conference time is 1:45-2:40KELLERISD\283091st Grade1st Grade Teacher3/28/2017 7:59:35 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/28309_MThumb.jpgFriend, Jodi5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e88d537524-dbef-4283-86f0-2d05f9434a05
My conference time is 2:00 - 2:45KELLERISD\240131st Grade1st Grade Teacher3/28/2017 7:57:57 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/24013_MThumb.jpgHoseney, Elizabeth5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8b352938f-9057-40bd-960e-340635ca9af2
My conference time is 2:00-2:55 p.m.KELLERISD\278541st Grade1st Grade Teacher3/28/2017 7:59:35 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/27854_MThumb.jpgClement, Jenelle5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8307ce6df-dcb3-4226-82cf-783090958af1
My conference time is 12:55-1:50.KELLERISD\274321st Grade1st Grade Teacher8/19/2017 7:42:56 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/27432_MThumb.jpgCotton, Ashley5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8cb5dfe55-f13e-4293-9c91-8de5eae0e0dc
My conference time is 9:00-9:55KELLERISD\117722nd Grade2nd Grade Teacher3/28/2017 7:58:44 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/11772_MThumb.jpgTurner, Trish5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e848e7b920-1fe7-4a2c-91b3-66dafe9bb81c
My conference time is M,T,TH, F from 9-9:55 AM.KELLERISD\278292nd Grade2nd Grade Teacher3/28/2017 7:58:07 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/27829_MThumb.jpgNewsome, Crystal5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e822fb6e45-d720-4b6b-80f3-ba763187e49e
KELLERISD\281812nd Grade2nd Grade Teacher3/28/2017 7:59:19 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/28181_MThumb.jpgBode, ChristinaMy conference time is 9:00-9:555db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e87b80c0fd-ed32-4cba-b39c-8a18b4d1d0fe
KELLERISD\157512nd Grade2nd Grade Teacher3/28/2017 7:59:37 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/15751_MThumb.jpgGarner, Rod5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e825addc5a-2c67-4951-a82f-39fe2f04898d
KELLERISD\319412nd Grade2nd Grade Teacher8/3/2017 7:59:03 AMValeriano, Allison5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e89ac646b2-fa65-4c13-93d1-8da870296a24