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Policies & Procedures

Reminder for Arrival Procedures

The east driveway (by the cafeteria) is used for: school busses, daycare busses and select students that we have spoken with. If you are not a school bus, daycare bus or a family we have specifically talked with, then you are to use the front driveway only. Having traffic in the east driveway, slows down the busses that are on a tight schedule. Thank you for following the procedures that are set-up for our school and for not forcing Mrs. Gebert or me to be out in that parking lot to give verbal reminders that the procedures are for all of us.

Remember that when you drop-off in front, once you get to the sidewalk your child can exit the passenger side of the car. You do not have to wait until you get to the adults opening the car doors to drop-off, if your child doesn't need help with the door. Once you drop-off, you may pull into the left lane and drive straight through without waiting in line. This should keep the line moving quickly and get everyone in and out of the parking lot efficiently.

Reminder for Dismissal Procedures (FRONT OF BUILDING)

If you are picking up for Kindergarten, drive down the right hand lane of the parking lot next to the cars parked on the outside. If you are picking up for 2nd-4th grade, drive down the left hand lane next to the cars parked on the inside portion of the parking lot. There is enough space to start two lines once you enter the parking lot. 

Click Link Below for Arrival Procedures
Arrival Traffic Procedures.pdf
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An important note about walking home: At the end of the day, walkers are dismissed to leave the school property alone. Our staff members on duty will not wait with walkers until an adult picks them up. If you are planning to meet your Eagle walking home, they will be exiting the building through the East doors by the cafeteria. We do not supervise walkers except for assisting them in getting safely to the corner. If you indicate your child is a walker, we will allow them to leave school property without an adult. Please ensure your child knows the back-up plan, if you generally meet them but are running late.​