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This is my 4th year teaching at Fossil Hill. I am also a coach. I have a beautiful wife and two children. A boy and a girl. I found a love for math through sports. I enjoy Fantasy Football and golf in my free time. My conference time is from 2:02-2:52pm. You may contact me at or by phone (817) 744-3180.KELLERISD\23296Room 429TeachersportsQUEST Teacher8/26/2016 7:43:29 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/23296_MThumb.jpgAnderson, ByronCoaches;QUEST TeacherFossil Hill Middle5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8cdccc93a-1119-4bae-afc8-41daf779517d
KELLERISD\80445Other Support PersonCommunity in Schools10/7/2015 6:01:32 AMAnderson, Crystal5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8394843ac-a78b-4618-a106-1c5aa94162c5
KELLERISD\11887EnglishEnglish Teacher6/8/2017 7:34:35 AMAnderson, Kendra5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e82e5d69d1-bfc4-4b31-9219-e1f0c875e9c8
My name is Coach Andrews, I grew up in the Keller school district, I even attended Fossil Hill as a middle schooler. I have been a teacher for 6 years now and for 4 of those years i have been a coach and a ​Math teacher. I graduated collge from The Univiersity of North Texas, where I met my Wife of 6 years now. We have a 2 year old Son together and couldn't be happier.KELLERISD\25551308MathFamily;Friends;Guitars;Football;ChurchMath Teacher12/7/2016 8:49:36 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/25551_MThumb.jpgAndrews, RussellQuest;AthleticsFossil Hill Middle;Fossil Ridge High;University of North Texas5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8182d9386-e04b-44fd-b52b-bfc0e11d4935
KELLERISD\29378CustodianCustodian3/28/2017 8:00:56 AMAyala Molina, Rosario5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8b1c0f9b5-884a-407a-a248-0eee31b9e29a
I'm from NY, so I love the Giants. I have 2 BA's from Suny Oswego. I love my twins. I'm good at multitasking. ​In middle school, I loved school. Please ask before mentioning me in a post.KELLERISD\10092EnglishEnglish Teacher10/2/2015 7:28:16 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/10092_MThumb.jpgBall, Jonathan5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e89fcd70aa-a26a-48c2-8f1b-6c3a42070d5e
I received my Bachelor's in English Literature and Master's of Humanities degrees from the University of Dallas.I studied ancient Latin and Greek literature.I am a tifo (fan) of Juventus F.C. of Turin, Italy.Reading, food, and travel are my favorite hobbies. Tutorials: Because of my coaching duties, I cannot often be available during normal school hours except by appointment. Otherwise, students needing guidance may visit with one of my colleagues. Ms. Llewellyn (Room 218): Monday through Wednesday, 08:00-08:30 Mr. Seidel (Room 417): Monday, Wednesday, 15:45-16:15 Mr. Ball (Room 414): Monday and Wednesday, 15:40-16:00​KELLERISD\21106FHMS Portable 5ELA - Diff StaffingReading;Art and Culture;Cooking;sports;travel;Foreign Languages;Current EventsELA Teacher3/28/2017 7:58:28 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/21106_MThumb.jpgBanchs, DavidHow Homer changed the world.University of Dallas;Boston University5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8cf056c50-399e-42d7-aec0-503494ddbfab
KELLERISD\31771BSRNNurse - BSRN6/1/2017 7:41:31 AMBaston, Nakethia5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e86de3ebc8-3030-4ad9-9dec-c65d3cfa72dd
Ivana Baxleyova ELA Instructional Support Teacher, 7th and 8th 817-744-3087, fax: 817-744-3138Conference Time: 10:09 - 10:54Tutorials: Tuesday, 3:40-4:00 Wednesday, 7:45-8:15Certifications: ELA and Reading, grades 4-8; 8-12 Social Studies, grades 4-8 Generalist EC-6 ESL Supplemental EC-12Credentials: Bachelor and Master of Arts in Education Hello! My name is Ivana Baxleyova and I am so pleased to be your child's teacher this school year. I came to America from the Czech Republic. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in the first grade, so after graduating from high school, I went to the University of Hradec Kralove to become one! I taught ESL in a high school as well as an elementary school in the Czech Republic. I moved to Texas in 2008 and substitute taught for two years in Keller ISD. In 2011, I was hired as a Life Skills aide at Fossil Hill MS. I worked as a Life Skills aide for two years. In 2013, I started teaching Reading Styles here at the Hill. I love reading, teaching, and spending time with my three lovely children, and my husband. I look forward to getting to know each of my students, and their parents/guardians. I know that this year is going to be wonderful!KELLERISD\25237IST - Secondary Comp EDIST - Secondary Teacher IST - Secondary Teacher3/28/2017 7:59:14 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/25237_MThumb.jpgBaxleyova, IvanaReading intervention program at FHMS5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e82c6c3364-e96f-4006-988d-3f27c8b26f16
A few things about me...this is my 11th year working in public education and 13 years teaching. I have a Bachelor's of Art in Business Administration from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Go Auggies! I also have a Master's of Education in Leadership from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. This is my 8th year to teach at Fossil Hill Middle School. I've been at Science teacher here at Fossil Hill for the last 3 years and prior to that I was a 8 grade math teacher for 4 years. I'm originally from Arizona and have been in Texas for almost 15 years. I have two boys. ​KELLERISD\15891ScienceScience Teacher10/2/2015 7:18:07 PM Photos/Profile Pictures/15891_MThumb.jpgBeckham, Tammy5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8abc2cbbb-eee7-457e-be6d-888e5bc643ef

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Welome to the AVID Elective for 7th and 8th graders! VIDEO:\25692AVIDAVID Teacher3/28/2017 7:58:37 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/25692_MThumb.jpgWomble, Amber5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e80291bd7c-3aa1-4fe1-9e8a-dad6f70df08c
KELLERISD\15057Academic AssociateAcademic Associate6/8/2017 7:34:50 AMThornton, Janet5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e851df09c3-8787-4733-8789-e123405e7593
I am originally from Minnesota, married, and have (3) adult children along with (1) very sweet granddaughter. I am a longtime member of The Modern and Kimbell Art Museums of Fort Worth. Upon graduating Summa Cum Laude from Texas Woman's University with a BS in Visual Arts, my first teacher position was with HEB ISD. I have been with Keller ISD/Fossil Hill for 8 years now and really enjoy being in my art room as it is bright, very colorful, has lots of windows, and filled with cool visuals. Dull space does not exist here. I want my students to see many kinds of art in the world around them and with some patience and practice, they can produce artwork they can be proud of, too.KELLERISD\16051ArtArt Teacher3/28/2017 7:59:27 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/16051_MThumb.jpgHanlon, RhondaArt and Culture;Fort Worth Art Museums;Art Shortcuts/tricks5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e80c8c3bcd-61cd-41e4-b084-57568a13a4a7
KELLERISD\28194Assessment AdministratorAssessment Administrator6/13/2017 7:57:45 AMJones, Barbara5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e83483828f-610b-4572-83f3-de4f05b43d8e
I am excited to serve Fossil Hill Middle School as an Assistant Principal. This is my seventh year at FHMS and 23rd year in education. I am honored to work with such a dynamic group of educators. At FHMS, we are committed to ​​​​​​building a culture of excellence that promotes academic achievement for every learner while creating opportunities to engage all learners. Prior to coming to FHMS, I had the privilege of being a middle school science teacher, elementary classroom teacher, math specialist, and a high school data analyst/testing coordinator at Dunbar High School. FHMS "The Hill" is truly a great place to learn and excel. ​ If you would like to visit with me, please call (817)744-3104 or you can email me at I look forward to working with you for the 2015-2016 school year.​ Personal InformationI am celebrating 3 years of marriage to my husband, Byron. Together we have a blended family of 4 children. William, a sophomore at Texas Tech University, Brevin, a sophomore at TCC, Lauren a junior at Trimble Tech, and Jordan a sophomore at FRHS. ​EducationBachelor of Science University of North TexasM.Ed- Texas Wesleyan University Administrative Duties At-Risk/ RtI/ LPAC Coordinator Administrative Liaison Science and Special Education Administrative Liais​​on ESL​​ Discipline for last names G-OKELLERISD\24995Assistant PrincipalAssistant Principal3/28/2017 7:57:51 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/24995_MThumb.jpgCampbell, Virginia5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e824835c93-5857-4b1a-9eac-5024144224bc
KELLERISD\30848Assistant PrincipalAssistant Principal3/28/2017 8:01:14 AMBrown, Mose5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e829747f43-0cfa-4a79-af9b-03e6c564f5a5
KELLERISD\31771BSRNNurse - BSRN6/1/2017 7:41:31 AMBaston, Nakethia5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e86de3ebc8-3030-4ad9-9dec-c65d3cfa72dd
Darlene Janeski Darlene Janeski earned her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. Mrs. Janeski is currently in graduate school working on her administrative certification. She is looking forward to her graduation in May of 2016. Mrs. Janeski is the first person in her family to graduate from college, so her family is quite proud of her success! During her 23 years of teaching, Mrs. Janeski has taught in Duncanville, Arlington, and Keller ISD. Bands under Mrs. Janeski's leadership have consistently received "Sweepstakes" awards at UIL Contest, as well as being chosen "Best in Class" in several local and state competitions. Bands under her direction have been recognized as a Mark of Excellence National Winners as well as being a TMEA region, area and a state honor band finalist. Mrs. Janeski enjoys serving as a consultant/clinician and an adjudicator for contests and festivals throughout Texas. She is a member of Texas Bandmasters Association, Texas Music Educators Association, and Texas Music Adjudicators Association. On a personal note, Mrs. Janeski lives with her husband David, who is also an educator in Keller. They have one 12 year old son, Landon, who is a promising young musician and an incredible athlete. Fun facts: Mrs. Janeski loves LSU football and is a big fan of Diet Coke! These are the two things in life that I just can't live without! Favorite Drink: Diet CokeKELLERISD\11754BandBand Teacher3/28/2017 7:59:53 AM Photos/Profile Pictures/11754_MThumb.jpgJaneski, Darlene5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8608f94d8-5a77-47f6-b694-9a40036b76b4
KELLERISD\30802BandBand Teacher3/28/2017 8:01:09 AMBinkley, Catherine5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e8d33f0ab8-9750-4dcd-8060-7de8f970c194
KELLERISD\30804BandBand Teacher3/28/2017 8:01:10 AMHenderson, Beau5db0ad05-1a3e-48ee-9096-a8a64ae9a8e83cd7f710-042b-4a0c-923f-4b61e734037a