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​​​​Campus Mascot:​ Wildcat
Campus Colors:  Black and Gold
Enrollment: 991
School Hours: 8:30am - 3:45​pm

​​​​Our Mission

In partnership with our community, Fossil Hill Middle School will educate our students to achieve their highest standards of performance, celebrate our diversity and utilize collaboration to provide exceptional educational opportunities that highlight the value and virtue of lifelong learning.

​​Our Vision/Value Statement

A phenomenal campus in which to discover, grow, and excel.​​

​​FHMS Rigor and Expectations

 FHMS Rigor encourages each student to apply his/her learning both inside and outside of the classroom, and to relate that learning to his/her individual experiences.

Our students are expected to:
◦Be prepared to learn actively at all times.
◦Develop strong character based on integrity​; respect by considering others' perspectives.
◦Set goals & create plans to become productive citizens.
◦Display engagement through inquiry.​
◦Produce multiple solutions with logical reasoning.


Performance in Community and Student Engagement (CASE)