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​​​​​​​​​​​​Important Times​

7:25 AM     Building Opens for Students, Breakfast begins
7:55 AM     School Begins, students not in class will be counted tardy
9:45 AM​​​    Attendance, students not in class will be counted absent​
2:40PM      No early dimissals after this time
3:10PM      Dismissal from Classrooms
3:15-3:20  Students exit building

Instruction begins at 7:55.  Please make sure that your student is on time so that they don't miss anything!

 Lunch Schedule

  • 10:30    Kindergarten
  • 11:05     First Grade
  • 11:40     ThirdGrade
  • 12:15     Second Grade
  • 12:50     Fourth Grade

*Lunch times may change due to schedule changes.  Teachers will let parents know if the time changes.

 Co-Curricular Schedule

  • 8:45     Fourth Grade
  • 9:45​​     Second ​​Grade
  • 10:45​​   Third Grade
  • 1:05​​   Kindergarten
  • 2:05     First Grade