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​ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Time management/organizational skills

    One of the best ways to help your student with this is to help them organize their materials in a 3 ring binder, with a section for each class.  The student who begins the year/six weeks organized has an advantage in terms of staying organized. 

  2. College Prep – Times to met with counselors to discuss college

    Although we don’t formally schedule times to discuss college during the freshman year, there are several things that you can do to make sure your students are on the right track.  Beginning freshman year, students can begin taking Pre-AP classes to help them prepare for the rigor of college.  Students need to pay attention to their grades, grade point average (GPA), as well as extracurricular activities.  Colleges are searching for well-rounded individuals who will not only be accepted at their institution, but who will successfully complete a four or six year program.

    The freshman year is also the first year that students have the opportunity to take the PSAT test.  While this is the frontrunner for the SAT or ACT, it is important in itself.  Once PSAT scores are returned, you and your student can log onto the College Board website .  By following the “My Road” link, you can explore possible career choices, college matches, and other valuable college information.
  3. Safety – General Concerns, Bullying/Peer Pressure, Getting with “Right Crowd”

    Safety of every student is a major concern at CHS.  Our building is locked from 9:20 to 2:40 to secure it from entrance without first going through the office.  No one is allowed into any area with students until they are cleared through the office and have obtained a visitor’s pass.  Our building also has security cameras in all hallways and entrances to allow the administration to monitor the entire campus.  Administration and teachers are continually in the hallways both before/after school, during all passing periods and during class periods to monitor student traffic.

    Bullying/Peer Pressure are things that do occur at every school.  CHS has a zero tolerance for bullying and will take appropriate action toward anyone who may be doing so.  Knowledge about these incidents is essential to curbing this behavior.  Students are encouraged to talk to any teacher or administrator about any situation where bullying or peer pressure takes place.  In addition, parents should contact their student’s administrator if they think that bullying is taking place.

    Getting with the “Right Crowd” can be difficult when brought into a group of 3000 other students.  Parents are encouraged to talk to their students, ask them about their day and inquire about who they have met at the beginning of school.  Make it a point to meet the people that your student is seeing at school and get to know these people.  It is also important to talk to students about getting involved in one of the many clubs or organizations that are offered at CHS.  This will allow students to meet people with whom they have common interests while being in an environment that is supervised.

  4. Lockers—Time & What to Do With Coats

    We have a limited number of lockers available for student use.  Students who request and are assigned lockers take responsibility for making appropriate use of the locker.  If the student plans well (taking all morning class materials with them first thing in the morning, switching at lunch time to afternoon class materials), there should be plenty of time for them to utilize their lockers.

    Generally, students keep their coats/jackets with them during the school day in the cooler weather.  They can place them in backpacks or on the backs of the chairs in their classrooms.
  5. Lunch – Food Service, Tables and seating

    Questions about food service may be directed to Vanda Sollenberger at 817-744-1149.  Both breakfast and lunch are served at CHS.  Breakfast is normally served starting around 7:45.   Students have 48 minutes for lunch which includes a 6 minute passing period.  The cafeteria has seating and tables for approximately 780 people.  Every student has a chair and a place to sit.  CHS also has 2 outdoor areas where students are allowed to eat lunch.
  6. Transportation Issues

    Bus transportation is provided by Durham Transportation Services.  Students who ride buses may find out their bus routes on the Keller ISD website (  From the website, go to the parent tab and then click on the bus route tab on the left side of the page.  This will allow parents to input their address and get the route number and drop-off/pick-up points for the bus.  Buses drop off in the mornings between 8:00–8:15 and pick-up from 3:35-3:55.  The front of the school is blocked off during these times to allow for the safe arrival and departure of the busses.  Questions about bus transportation can be answered by calling 817-744-1300.

    Students who are ride with parents are asked to be dropped off and picked up in the back of the building by the Gymnasium and Auditorium.  Administration is in these areas to assist this process both before and after school.  Students who need to be picked up due to early dismissal should be retrieved in the front of the building.  Students will need to be signed out by a parent before they are allowed to leave.  No student drop-off/pick-up will be allowed during times when busses are arriving or leaving.

  7. Getting To Class on Time

    We give the students the first two weeks of school to adjust to their schedules and the size of the campus before we begin to count tardies.  Despite the fact that our campus is large, and we do have classes in the portable buildings and field house, we have found that the vast majority of our students can make it during the 6 minute allotted passing period.  Any administrator would be happy to help a student “map out” a plan if he/she is having difficulty making it from class to class in the allotted time.  One of the strategies we stress is to avoid the central area of the building because traffic slows significantly in this area.  There are staircases at the end of each hallway that lead to much speedier routes from class to class.  Also, if students will keep moving and not stop to visit with their friends, there is less likelihood they will be late.

    As always, there are occasionally special circumstances and we will work with those as they arise.
  8. Teachers being sensitive to freshman students fears/struggles.

    We have a great team of teachers at CHS and the 9th grade teachers are particularly sensitive to the needs, concerns and issues that our 9th graders experience as part of the transition to high school and on a daily basis.  If you as a parent notice a particular fear or struggle that you feel is not being addressed and/or needs attention, please contact the teacher through email to express those concerns.  If the teacher hasn’t already noticed, they will certainly want to know about it.
  9. Newsletter for freshman parents???

    We will continue the 9th grade focus page on the CHS website.  Updates will be made regularly.  We welcome any suggestions, comments, or questions that you may have as a 9th grade parent.​