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In partnership with families and community, the mission of Central High School is to inspire in all students the desire to learn, the courage to lead, the value of proven character, and the commitment to serve.

​​      Character – Honor – Service​​

Central Cheer

​The Central Cheerleaders placed 4th in the NATION at the UCA National Cheerleading Competition in Orlando, Florida on February 12th! These ladies did an incredible job and represented Central High School and Keller ISD with excellence in school cheer on the stage at National Competition!

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Senior Newsletter

​Senior Parents,

This Friday will mark 68 school days remaining for seniors here at Central High School.  The time has gone very quickly and there are still many things that remain for seniors during this last 13 week period.  Here is some of the information that we would like to share with you.


The end of the 4th 6 Weeks will be Friday, February 24.  Grades tend to become a major factor for many of the senior class in the spring semester.  Whether it is spring, an extremely difficult course, or just getting caught up in the many things that can detract from a student's attention span, being able to make sure there is a passing grade for each class can become challenging.  It is also important to know whether the class grade is for a required course within the student's graduation plan.  Please make sure to check grades on Home Access Center often and check with their counselor to determine whether courses are required for your senior's graduation plan.  Many students also try to predict what they might have to have as a grade to pass.  Many of these students forget to include the semester exam in their calculations, or do not calculate correctly.  Staying up to date on grades weekly can eliminate this and reduce the stress of a senior's final semester at CHS.  Class ranks will lock at the end of the 5th 6 Weeks and even though students have received acceptance letters from colleges and universities, those are only if the student maintains the standards that they have shown during their time at Central.  Do not let "SENIORITIS" cause your student to miss an opportunity.  Contact your student's teachers if you have any questions concerning their progress in classes. 

Credit Recovery

Counselors have been placing students who are in danger of not passing required courses in credit recovery.  This is to make sure that we have exhausted all possibilities for a student to graduate.  If your student is in this situation, please make sure that your student attends the Computer lab to complete their pretest to begin the credit recovery process.  Doing well on the pretest will reduce the amount of lessons students must complete to recover their credit.  Once students have completed their pretest, they can work on their credit recovery at home.  Please make sure that your student is not waiting till the last weeks of school to complete their recovery.  The lab is open from 7:30-8:30 am on Tuesdays and 4:00-5:30 pm on Thursdays (other times by appointment) and during Saturday School from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.  If you need to know your students status in credit recovery, please contact their counselor.


This last 13 weeks there are many events that pop up that may require a student to be absent.  Please make sure that you are continuing to pay very close attention to your senior's attendance.  Class credit is directly tied to student attendance and can catch parents off guard who do not know how many class periods their senior may have missed.  The state mandates that all students must attend each class period 90% of the days of each semester.   This will mean that your student may only miss eight times per class per semester for 1st/5th period classes and five times for 2nd/3rd/4th period classes.  Additional absences can cause credit to be denied and a student to have insufficient credits for graduation.  Before/After school tutorials may be used to make up the seat time missed by students as well as Saturday school, but this time is extremely limited during the spring semester.  Please make sure to keep absences to a minimum and reduce absences as much as possible in the spring semester.  Attendance can be viewed on Home Access Center.  During the spring semester, tardies can become a major issue for seniors.  Tardies can also affect attendance for credit. A student that is over 10 minutes late to a class is required by the state to be counted absent to that class.  If your student has lost credit, please make sure that they are completing their tutorial time.  If you have any questions concerning attendance issues, please contact Mr. Goodwin at CHS.

Scholarship Opportunities

There are still many opportunities for scholarships that are available to Central High School students.  Many of these go unclaimed every year because parents and students do not know about or understand the requirements of the scholarships. Go to the Counselors Corner on the CHS website or

to investigate possible scholarship opportunities (user name: keller /password: keller).  Scholarships can provide much needed monies that could make the financial burden of school much easier.  Many of these scholarships are time

sensitive and have requirements that have to be met prior to applying so investigating these early helps.

Additionally, if your student has received any scholarships from a university or organization, we would like to know, even if your student does not accept the scholarship.  Please contact Susan Taylor at 817-744-2017 and provide us with the information.  We will be honoring those students who have received scholarships at our Senior Awards program on Thursday, May 18 at 9:30 am in the Fine Arts Center at Central High School.  More details about this event will follow.

Financial Aid for Students

CHS will have the final Financial Aid Meeting for parents who need assistance or who still have questions.  It will be Monday, February 13th at 6:30 pm in the Lecture Hall at CHS.  Representative from UNT financial office will be here to assist and answer questions.  Has your student completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?  Most colleges and universities have a priority deadline of March 1st for applying for financial aid.  While your student can apply through June 30, schools have already started awarding funds and may be out of funds if your student applies after the priority deadline.  You can complete the FAFSA online using your 2015 tax return information at .  If you need help completing the FAFSA, contact the financial aid office at your student's intended institution.  TCC also has financial aid staff who will assist your student in completing the FAFSA and other TCC-specific financial aid documents.  Call 817-515-4243 to schedule an appointment with a TCC financial aid advisor.

 Life after High School

 Graduation tends to come quickly and when the ceremony and all the festivities have concluded, many students and parents are caught wondering what to do next.  Get a job for the summer, start summer college classes, join the armed forces, or apply to colleges or trade schools, these  are all questions that quickly catch a family off guard.  Have a plan for your senior for life after graduation and begin to check into what steps should be taken to make sure your senior is ready for their choice.  College applications are time sensitive and the armed forces have number limits for recruitment that could limit your senior's choices.  It is never too late to begin to plan ahead.

Prom Ticket Sales!

 Prom tickets are now on sale through April 8th.  Here is the schedule we will be following for prom ticket sales:

  February 6- 10 – ONLINE ONLY $75 per ticket. (This is a $15 discount       per ticket)

     March 7-March 31 ONLINE ONLY $80 per ticket ($10 discount)

     April 3-7 ONLINE ONLY $90 per ticket

     $3 transaction fee applies for all online purchases.

     Tickets will be available to purchase in person during lunches on March 8        & 9 for $80 each and again April 6 & 7 for $90 each.  In person tickets can only be paid for with cash or money orders, NO CHECKS.

We are hoping to encourage as many people as possible to buy tickets before April 4th so we can secure our ballroom and have the correct number of students attending. Any purchases after April 4 will be $90.  No tickets will be sold after April 7thIf you earned a free ticket from selling, Butterbraid Pastries just come W318 to confirm your status and we will mark you down!  Prom tickets will be distributed the on Wednesday, May 3 after the Senior Meeting that day.  Seniors will not be able to receive their tickets if they have outstanding fines, owe library books, or owe athletic equipment.  Contact the main office or sponsor/coach for specific details on fines.

        Central High School Senior Prom

At The Gaylord Texan

May 6, 2017

8:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

1501 Gaylord Trail Grapevine, TX 76051

 To enter Prom that evening, all students and guests must have their ticket and a photo ID.

 Graduation Ticket Requests

Requests for additional graduation tickets must be completed and turned into the main office at CHS by 4 pm March 3 using the Ticket Declaration form.  Ticket Request forms are located on the Senior Page of the website or you may pick one up in the main office.   All students graduating will receive 9 tickets to the graduation ceremony and anyone attending MUST have a ticket to enter.  We will inform all students and their parents of the number of additional tickets each family will receive on Wednesday, March 8 by email. 

Senior Events!

There will be two special events for seniors coming soon.  There will have a Senior Awards assembly that will be held in the Fine Arts Center on Thursday, May 18 from 9:30 am to 11 am.  Students who have received any scholarships and have been accepted to colleges may attend.   On Friday, May 25 there will be a mandatory graduation practice in the Main Gym at CHS from 9:30 am to 11:00 am.  All information concerning graduation will be discussed at this meeting and tickets for graduation will be distributed at the close of the practice.  Graduation will be held at the College Park Center on the campus of the University of Texas at Arlington on Saturday, May 27th at 12 pm.  More information concerning the graduation will be sent as we get closer to graduation.

Project Graduation

The Project Graduation Committee is working very hard to raise money for the prize room for our seniors.  To earn points, volunteer, donate or additional information please contact Leigh Ann Masters at You can follow us on Twitter: @CHSprojgrad2017 and Facebook: CHS Project Grad 2017 for reminders and updates. Project Graduation is an all-night lock-in style celebration with food, entertainment and prizes for graduating seniors the night of their graduation ceremony. The goal and purpose of this event is to provide an inclusive, safe, drug-free, alcohol-free, and tobacco-free event for ALL Seniors to celebrate after their big day. Make sure to check out our website at:

As in years past, the Lock-in is scheduled May 27th from 11:30 p.m. to May 28th 6:00 a.m. at iT'Z Family Food and Fun in Euless.

 This year is finishing quickly.  Please help your senior be aware of all the dates and times of the events, assemblies, and practices that they will be involved in.  If you have any questions concerning anything for the senior, please contact my office.  Our seniors' time with us is almost at an end, let us enjoy their final days. 

 Scott Goodwin – 12th Grade Assistant Principal​

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