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Policies & Procedures


​​​​​​The videos below are for your quick reference, they are not all inclusive.   For detailed  information we invite you to review all our policies and procedures as well as student dr​​​op off and pick up maps listed below. 



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Student/Parent Handbook

Patriot Expectations

  • Value one another as unique and special individuals.
  • Speak with respect towards each other.
  • Use good manners.
  • Be prepared and responsible.
  • Respect one another's personal space and property.
  • Help one another whenever possible.
  • Help keep classrooms and the school safe places to learn.
  • Apply these expectations and implement the following procedures daily.

Please follow these procedures for safety, security, fairness, and respect.

Procedures for Entering the Building

Students will:

  • Demonstrate respect for others by walking to the building from the bus, car, or bicycle.
  • Demonstrate respect for others by walking into the building quietly.
  • Report to the appropriate place in the building.
  • Grades K or 1: report to the cafeteria.
  • Grades 2, 3, or 4: report to their grade hallway and sit outside their classroom door.
  • Go directly to the cafeteria if eating breakfast, then report to the assigned areas.
  • Not go into the classrooms until 7:45 unless requested by the teacher.
  • Be counted tardy if they are not in their classrooms at 7:55.
  • Report to the office for a tardy slip if arriving late.

Procedures for Entering the Classroom

Students will:

  • Demonstrate courtesy by greeting the teacher at the door.
  • Enter the classroom using a quiet voice.
  • Place backpack, coat, and other belongings in the appropriate area.
  • Prepare themselves and materials for the day.

Teachers must be present for anyone to enter the classroom.  Procedures for Lining Up and Hallway

Students will:

  • Walk to appropriate place in line.
  • Stand with their hands to themselves.
  • Keep voices off to show respect for learning.
  • Face forward.
  • Stand appropriately.
  • Stand behind the person in front of them.
  • Walk inside
  • Show respect for the displays, walls, and carpeting.

Procedures for Restroom

Students will:

  • Visit the restroom quietly.
  • Quickly take care of personal needs.
  • Wash hands before exiting.
  • Get a drink of water, if needed.
  • Return to the line or classroom.
  • Keep the restroom clean.

Procedures for the Cafeteria

Students will:

  • Walk into the cafeteria quietly.
  • Be respectful while waiting in line for your lunch, keeping hands to self, and keeping voices silent.
  • Remember to use good table manners.
  • Use inside voices when at the table.
  • Stay seated with legs under the table.
  • Raise a hand if assistance is needed.
  • Sit at the visitor table to eat with a family member. **No other students will be allowed to leave their table.** Visitors may not bring food for other students.
  • Clear area, collect trash, and wait for a staff member to dismiss the class to the designated line.

​Procedures for Guest Speakers, Assemblies, and Presentations

Students will:

  • Enter and sit quietly in the designated grade level area.
  • Focus eyes and ears on those presenting.
  • Remain silent during the assembly unless the speaker calls on them.
  • Use appropriate applause to show respect.
  • Show respect at all times to the presenter(s).
  • Look to their teachers for directions after the presentation.

Procedures for Dismissal

Students leave the classroom with all belongings and dismiss to assigned area.

  • Bikers/Walkers- Any child walking/riding a bike to the crosswalk without a parent or non-BPE sibling
  • Walkers and bike riders will wait in the main hallway by the cafeteria for a staff member to dismiss them.
  • Parent Pick-up/Car riders- Any child meeting a parent with a name tag in their designated grade level pick up location; whether in a car or walking.
  • To ensure the safety of our students any person picking up a child must have a name tag/sign; otherwise, you will need to go to the office with a photo ID for verification. Please refer to traffic plan for specific instructions on where to pick up your child.
  • Bus & Daycare- Any child that goes to Clayton or will be picked up by a daycare bus.
  • Students waiting for a daycare bus will walk directly to the gym and wait for a staff member to dismiss them when the bus arrives.
  • Students who go to Clayton will walk directly to the cafeteria.

Playground Rules

Students will:

  • Avoid games or activities with tackling or rough play.
  • Not throw rocks or wood chips.
  • Stay within the designated playground area at all times.
  • Show respect for peers and staff members at all times.
  • Be ready to line up as soon as called.
  • Line up at the place designated for the class with all belongings.

Procedures for Substitutes

Students will:

  • Be a self-manager.
  • Remember that a substitute will not do things exactly as the regular teacher. Be respectful of him/her, and be thankful for someone to guide the class when the teacher is gone.
  • Be on their best behavior, practicing the Patriot expectations.
  • Follow all procedures with a smile and without being reminded.
  • Raise their hands and wait to be recognized first if they want to help the guest teacher.

Severe Non-negotiable Behaviors

A student WILL be sent to the office for:

  • Physical aggression (fighting, hitting, kicking).
  • Bullying another student, either verbally or physically.
  • Extreme disrespect of the teacher.
  • Disrupting the learning environment and consequences have been tried in the classroom.
  • Uncontrollable behavior (throwing a fit, damaging property, etc).

Dress Code Policy

Please refer to the Keller ISD Student Code of Conduct for the dress code policy.

Students will:

  • Wear shorts underneath skirts.
  • Wear tennis shoes on PE days.

Reporting Absences/Tardies

  • The parent will contact the office via email or phone call) to let the office staff know your child will be absent.
  • When your child returns, please send them with a note explaining the reason for their absence. It should include the child's full name and date(s) of absences.
  • Students who are not in class by 7:55 am will need to stop in the office and get a Tardy Pass. 

 Make-up Work

Make-up work will be sent home when the child returns to school.

Students will:

  • Receive their make-up work from their teacher when they return.
  • Have the same number of days as the number of days absent to make up their class wok.


  • All visitors must check-in at the office.  Visitors will be asked to show their State issued photo identification.
  • The visitor's tag must be visible at all times.
  • All parent volunteers working in the classrooms or on field trips must have a cleared criminal background check.

Pet Policy

  • No pets are allowed on school grounds.

Library Policy

Students, parents and siblings will:

  • Speak quietly.
  • Walk.
  • Exhibit good manners.
  • Treat books and other items with care.
  • Use equipment/furniture properly.

A Note About PTA

  • BPE PTA works in collaboration with Bette Perot Elementary and Keller ISD.  The local unit is a 501(c)(3) organization that is a member of the Keller Council of PTAs, Texas PTA, and National PTA.  BPE PTA is governed by its own standing rules and bylaws.  Membership is optional.  The organization provides support to the students and families of Bette Perot Elementary School community.

Campus Celebrations​

Edible birthday treats (not applicable to classroom parties):  

Texas Department of Agriculture and Keller ISD understand that celebrating student birthdays is a time-honored tradition that provides the opportunity for student recognition.  Foods otherwise restricted by the Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value requirements are permitted in classroom student birthday recognitions (example: cupcakes, cookies).  Due to the high number of students with food allergies and/or health conditions, only store bought food items with ingredients listed can be provided to students without principal approval.

Treats may only be offered to students at a time after the lunch period determined by the classroom teacher that does not disrupt learning and does not replace a nutritious lunch.  Federal regulations do not permit foods of minimal nutritional value to be served in the food service area during meal periods.  Students will not be required to accept a treat. Treats will be delivered in a manner that allows for student choice. Although Keller ISD allows birthday treats to be brought to school according to these guidelines in grades PK-4 only, parents are encouraged to avoid food if possible due to the high number of students with food allergies or health conditions.

Gifts and Invitations:

Gift Delivery: Any gifts delivered to school for students (i.e. balloons, candy, flowers, etc.) will be kept in the office until the end of the school day unless otherwise approved by campus administration based on the quantity of deliveries on special days.  Non-birthday gifts/treats: Items brought by students/parents not associated with a PTA or school sponsored event or birthdays are not to be distributed to students at any time by school staff. They will be placed in a common area of the classroom and students will be able to voluntarily accept upon exiting the classroom at the end of the school day. Parents wishing to distribute to staff (i.e., cards, flyers, event invitations) must go through campus administration and/or KISD communications department.

Party Invitations: Personal party invitations may only be given to the entire class, all girls, or all boys within a classroom during the school day. No party invitations will be distributed to other classrooms/students during the school day. Teachers are not responsible for distributing invitations.

Teacher Gifts: During Teacher Appreciation Week, holidays, or special occasions, individuals or parent groups may not send out any correspondence from the campus to school parents requesting specific donations.

Campus Parties:

Texas Department of Agriculture allows schools three exemption days from following the FMNV requirements.  Two of these three days may be used for campus parties hosted by the PTA or Boosters.  The third day may be used at the discretion of the principal based on campus events and/or traditions.   In addition to the above Bette Perot Expectations, Policies and Procedures, students are expected to read and abide by the guidelines of the Keller ISD Student Code of Conduct.  

 Bette Perot Elementary Traffic Plan

At our campus we have several hundred children coming and going each day, and their safety will be our priority.  Although timeliness and convenience are also factors we consider, they obviously would not take priority over safety.  The Guidelines and Procedures listed were determined through input from parents, officials from the City of Fort Worth and from schools with similar layouts.  Combining common courtesy with adherence to the listed Guidelines and Procedures should make Drop Off and Pick Up times safe and manageable. 


1.  For your convenience, carpools or families with multiple children can drop off and/or pick up at one location.  You must pick up your group at the youngest child's pick up location.  Older students will be asked to meet their younger siblings prior to the end of the school day.

2.  Please do not leave your car unattended in the Drop Off or Pick Up lanes.  Should you need to park and enter the building, you must park in a designated parking space.  Parking is always available on either side of the loop as you enter.  Once you enter or are past the curve, parking is restricted at all times closest to the building and from 7:25 – 7:55 am and 2:40 – 3:25 pm on the left hand side of the loop closest to the building. 

3. Adults and the children they are assisting must use marked crosswalks.  Should your child ever need to cross without you we want him/her to know the appropriate places to do so.

4.  At Pick Up time, you must display your "Name Sign" (the name of student(s) you want loaded) in the front or side window of your vehicle.  This will notify school personnel loading cars which student(s) to have ready when you pull into the loading zone.  Please make certain that anyone transporting your child to/from school has a copy of this sign along with the Traffic Plan.  If a "Name Sign" is not displayed, you will be asked to park and proceed to the office, where you will be required to show your driver's license, to verify you are authorized to pick up the child/children.   At that time, you will be provided with a note to release the child/children. 

 5. When driving through the entryway, please give your full attention to student safety.  Cell phone usage in a school zone is illegal.  Please do not use your phone during Drop Off or Pick Up.

6. It is recommended that children under the age of 12 ride in the back seat of a vehicle.  Therefore, we will load all students in the back seat unless directed otherwise.


Morning Drop Off

  • Kindergarten Drop Off: Kindergarten students should be dropped off in the inside lane (closest to the curb) of the Bus Circle (North side) allowing them easy access to the cafeteria where they will wait for their teachers until class begins. 
  • Drop off time and supervision begins at 7:25 a.m. daily.   Students who arrive earlier than that will need to be enrolled in the Clayton Daycare Program offered on site.  Students who arrive between 7:25 – 7:45 a.m. will wait in the gym and cafeteria.  Students who arrive after 7:45 a.m. may go directly to their classrooms.

 1. All students in grades 1-4 should be dropped off in the front (East side) of the building.  Drivers should enter and exit the traffic circle from General Worth.  Two lanes will be utilized for Drop-off.  Once you enter, please remain in the same lane until you exit. Staff will be on duty from 7:25 – 7:55 a.m. to assist students.  Please note: Students who are not in class at 7:55 a.m. will be counted tardy. 

 2.  Students should remain in vehicles until the driver reaches the Drop Off zone (coned area just past the first canopy).  Please make sure your child is prepared to exit your vehicle when it comes to a safe stop.  At that point, the vehicles in the inside lane closest to the building may allow their children to exit the vehicle onto the school sidewalk.  Vehicles in the second lane will need to wait until a staff member is on duty at the crosswalk to assist the children before unloading.  Students should proceed to the center of the pedestrian zone and follow the stars to the crosswalk.  School staff will be on duty to supervise until 7:55 a.m.

3.  After your child has safely exited your car, please continue to pull through, in the same lane, until you exit the traffic circle.

 4.  Your child will enter the building through the front doors and go to the cafeteria/grade hallways (before 7:45 a.m.) or to the classroom (after 7:45 a.m.).

 Afternoon Pick Up

  • Please note there is NO PARKING in the East side traffic circle (closest to the building) from 2:40 – 3:25 p.m.

 1.  Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Parent Pick Up – All kindergarten and 3rd grade students who will be car riders or meeting parents to walk home, will go to the front of the building (East side) at the first canopy as you make the hairpin turn in the traffic circle.  Therefore, drivers need to stay in the far right hand lane (lane 2 on the Afternoon Pick Up Map).  Please stay in your car, display your "Name Sign", and wait for school personnel to load your child/children. After the students are loaded in your car, school personnel will direct you to pull to the outside lane in order to exit the traffic circle.  It is extremely important that you not pull out until directed to do so.  If you are walking up to the building to pick up your child, please do not stand underneath the canopy.  Once all children have exited the building, your child will be called to meet you. 

 2.  2nd Grade and 4th Grade Parent Pick Up – All 2nd grade and 4th grade students who will be car riders or meeting parents to walk home, will go to the second canopy in the traffic circle.  Drivers should enter the traffic circle (lane 1 on the Afternoon Pick Up Map) and remain in the center lane until they reach the loading area.  Please stay in your car, display your "Name Sign" and wait for school personnel to load your child/children.  After your student(s) are loaded, you may pull through and exit the traffic circle.  If you are walking up to the building to pick up your child, please do not stand underneath the canopy.  Once all children have exited the building, your child will be called to meet you. 

 3.  1st Grade Parent Pick Up – All 1st grade students will be dismissed from the first grade wing in the back (West side) of the school.  Enter the lot from Dalton and stay to the far right, following the lane around to the first grade wing—cones are placed at the loading area.  Please stay in your car, display your "Name Sign" and wait for school personnel to load your child/children.  After your student(s) are loaded, you may pull through and exit back onto Dalton. 

 If you are walking up to the building to pick up your child, please wait for him/her on the sidewalk north of the exit.  Once all children have exited the building, your child will be called to meet you. 

Again, for your convenience, carpools or families with multiple children can have one pick up location.  However, you must pick up your group at the youngest child's pick up location.

 Walkers and bike riders will be expected to exit the building between the cafeteria and gym and utilize the sidewalk to reach designated crosswalks (no student will be allowed to cross the street without utilizing the designated crosswalks).  If you are walking up to the building to meet your child you must wait for them at the designated grade level Parent Pick Up location.  Due to the volume of students exiting the building by the cafeteria, we ask that parents do not wait there to walk with their child/children.  Children will not be released to parents/guardians and will be required to remain with the walker line until they reach the stop sign at Dalton and General Worth.  If you have concerns regarding this practice please see campus administration to discuss alternatives for your child.  

  Morning Arrival Map.JPGAfternoon Dismissal Map.JPG​​​​