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Bear Creek Intermediate School

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dedicated to developing excellence for all students, teachers and staff to ensure a lifelong love of learning. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​Be Brave Today!​
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Veteran's Day 2018

YOU'RE INVITED to Bear Creek Intermediate's

Veterans Day Celebration!

Date:  November 10, 2017

Time: 7:30-8:15 Veterans Breakfast Reception

(location in the Library)


8:30 Assembly to Honor Veterans

​​(location TBA depending on weather)

P​lease fill out and return the linked invitation if you would like to attend the Veterans Day breakfast in the library.

If your child has a family member you would like to see in our Hall of Honor, please fill out the linked information.

Running Tribe

​Running Tribe is CANCELED until further notice!

Casey's Kids

We are starting our preparations for the 2017 Casey's Kids Fun Run. This event is in its 21st year and is held to collect money for the economically disadvantaged children in our school district. Our school district boasts nearly 34,000 students, over 25 percent of which are economically disadvantaged.

The Casey's Kids Program started in 1997 when Janie Casey, a former counselor with the Keller Independent School District, discovered that a student was limiting the number of school days attended per week due to a lack of clothing. It was this student's need that led to Ms. Casey's mission to find a way to fund the clothing needs of students in need district-wide. Named in Janie's honor, the Casey's Kids Fun Run began as an effort to provide clothing, initially, and has now expanded to include other items such as school supplies and household needs. Funds are distributed to these families by KISD counselors.​

Keller ISD and Casey's Kids need your help. We invite you to become a sponsor for this year's event that is scheduled to be held November 11, 2017 at Bear Creek Park in Keller, TX.  

Reminders from BCIS


A few notes about upcoming events and campus procedure.

Huddles are Tomorrow. (Team meetings about expectations ect.)
6th Grade 5:15- 6:00
5th Grade 6:15- 7:00​​​

The end of the school day is a very busy time, if you have a message that you need relayed to your student we request that you try to lets us know as soon as possible. We do our best, however we are most effective when we are given time to accommodate.

Visiting to eat lunch with your student?  Need to pick a student up? Please note that we will require an I.D. to verify identity. Also, the individual eating lunch or picking up should be listed on the Contacts or Emergency Contacts list.

  • If you require a special accommodation for lunch or pick up you may send a note or an email to the front office. The note should list your name, number, name of the visiting party, and student name. Thank you in advance for understanding the importance of this practice.

To report your child absent:  Attendance Office: 817-744-3734
Send documentation for absences to:

The front drop off is reserved for a carpool of three BCI students or more. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please remind your student to use the designated crosswalks and sidewalks as they arrive and leave campus. Student safety is a priority and we have supervised areas to ensure that all of our kids travel safely.

Thank you for your continued support!

Amanda Burruel

Principal/Bear Creek Intermediate

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