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What's Cooking at KISD
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What's Cooking at KISD
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What's Cooking at KISD





Kids Way Cafe (Elementary/Intermediate Schools)



Kid’s Way Café responds to the tastes, preferences and expectations of elementary school student. Sodexo recognizes the key to success is to make nutrition fun by offering a wide product selection and the ability to socialize among friends, attributes proven to be important among elementary students. The menu selections are designed to meet the USDA nutritional guidelines and are guaranteed to be popular with this age segment.

Keller Early Learning Center (Pre-K)



Did You Know Cafe (Middle Schools)

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With maturity well beyond an elementary-aged student, but not quite ready to take on the world like a high school student, our middle/junior high customers are unique in their needs. With significant input from the students themselves, the Did You Know Cafe was designed to meet those needs. This program not only provides the food court type of service these customers expect, but we've also added a fun learning component that makes the cafeteria an extension of the classroom

CrossRoads Cafe (High Schools)


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CrossRoads Cafe is a student-driven dining brand that combines  nutritional responsibility you’d expect from a Sodexo program, with the innovation and
flair of a commercial restaurant, resulting in increased customer participation and satisfaction.
• Enhanced menu quality, variety and flexibility
• Enhanced service and production systems
• Teen “approved” graphic design and merchandising appeal
• Heightened focus on nutritious menu selections
• Easy-to-read menu boards, signage and communication elements
• Portable dining options through non-traditional service methods
• Predictable levels of participation and satisfaction