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Welcome to Keller ISD Fine Arts!

The Fine Arts Department of the Keller Independent School District includes the areas of art, music, theatre, dance, competitive speech and debate, and UIL Academics.

All elementary students receive weekly instruction in art and music with over 65% of the secondary student population receiving training in one or more fine arts disciplines.

KISD Fine Arts Mission Statement
The Fine Arts Department of Keller ISD is committed to the belief that all students K-12 shall be provided with a balanced, comprehensive, sequential, and rigorous program of instruction in the fine arts disciplines. These programs are taught in partnership with other academic disciplines to instill the basic knowledge, skills, and appreciation of the fine arts inspiring students to become life-long participants and supporters of the arts.


We in KISD share the following beliefs regarding
Fine Arts Curriculum and Instruction:

v The arts help children to understand concepts measured on various tests. The arts help teach shapes, color recognition, size differentiation, letter and number recognition, mathematical concepts, phonic recognition, sequencing, following directions, hand-eye and motor coordination, and direction and location.

v The arts develop valued higher order and creative thinking skills, such as visual memory, various forms of communication, and the ability to compare and contrast, group and label, explain cause and effect, assess significance, make predictions, and frame and test hypotheses.

v The arts improve many students’ self-concepts, attitude towards school and, as a result, the students’ attendance improves.

v The arts are vastly important to technology and multimedia production, as evidenced in their use in books, magazines, advertisements, television commercials, music videos, video games, and blockbuster films.