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Welcome to Keller ISD Fine Arts!

The Fine Arts Department of the Keller Independent School District includes the areas of art, music, theatre, dance, competitive speech and debate, and UIL Academics.

All elementary students receive weekly instruction in art and music with over 65% of the secondary student population receiving training in one or more fine arts disciplines.

KISD Fine Arts Mission Statement
The Fine Arts Department of Keller ISD is committed to the belief that all students K-12 shall be provided with a balanced, comprehensive, sequential, and rigorous program of instruction in the fine arts disciplines. These programs are taught in partnership with other academic disciplines to instill the basic knowledge, skills, and appreciation of the fine arts inspiring students to become life-long participants and supporters of the arts.

The ARTS do not just enrich the lives of children because they learn about storytelling, musical rhythms, color and expression.  

The ARTS...

v benefit students in their intellectual, personal, and social development.

v build many kinds of literacy while developing intuition, imagination, and dexterity into unique forms of expression and communication.

v explore the influence of the arts in their power to create and reflect cultures.

v engage students in a process that enables them to develop the self-esteem, self-discipline, self-motivation, and cooperation for success in life.


 KISD Fine Arts Achievements

v 3 Marching Bands advanced to State  

20 Choir & Band All-State Musicians

v 117 State Choir Solo & Ensemble Qualifiers
v Student Artwork currently hanging in Congressman Burgess’ Office, MR & Evelyn Hudson Foundation, Keller Mayor’s office, & Texas State Capitol.
lv 37 State Artists, 4 Gold Seals
lv KHS & FRHS District One Act Play Champions. KHS Regional advancement. 2 Students advanced to State in Theatrical Design.
lv The only Midwest Music Quintet in the State of Texas invited to perform in Chicago

 Belief Statements

We in KISD share the following beliefs regarding
Fine Arts Curriculum and Instruction:

v The arts help children to understand concepts measured on various tests. The arts help teach shapes, color recognition, size differentiation, letter and number recognition, mathematical concepts, phonic recognition, sequencing, following directions, hand-eye and motor coordination, and direction and location.

v The arts develop valued higher order and creative thinking skills, such as visual memory, various forms of communication, and the ability to compare and contrast, group and label, explain cause and effect, assess significance, make predictions, and frame and test hypotheses.

v The arts improve many students’ self-concepts, attitude towards school and, as a result, the students’ attendance improves.

v The arts are vastly important to technology and multimedia production, as evidenced in their use in books, magazines, advertisements, television commercials, music videos, video games, and blockbuster films.

 Fine Arts Enrollment in KISD

v    7500 or 56% of middle and high school students in grades 7-12 participate in fine arts

v    Approximately 1600 students K-6 participate in an after-school choir, instrumental, or art club

v    147 Fourth Graders qualified for the All-District Honor Choir

v    Approximately 1000 pieces of student artwork are displayed each spring during the 3 week Distict Art Show


 District-Wide Announcements

Keller FAME Art and Music Contest

Keller ISD elementary and intermediate students particpated in a district wide art and music contest April 26, 2014 . Students test their skills and knowledge the area of Art and Music.



6th Grade Art

1st        Ben Roesch                 BCI
1st        Taylor Hollaway          CTI
2nd        Hailey Shipp                CTI
3rd        Nicole Phillips             SKI
4th        Alexis Rangel              BCI
5th        Marlee Koschel           BCI
6th        Tatum Gray                 SKI

5th Grade Art

1st        Sara Helmstaedter      CTI
2nd        Megan Chovanetz       CTI
3rd        Jack Mull                     SKI
4th        Alexandria Archer       BCI
4th        Jenny Kim                    SKI
5th        Dalton Basham           SKI
6th        Piper Lawrence           CTI

4th Grade Art
1st           Caroline Nartz                   ERES
2nd          Lauren Dodge                    ERES
3rd           Christiana Ozuna              PGES
4th           Mariah Hampton              SGES
4th           Haley Engebretson          BPES
5th           Dennis Kim                         KHES
5th           Jackson Pressinger          IES
6th           Lauren O’Rear                   KHES
6th           Angelina Bartholomew  PGES
6th           Chloe Friemuth                 HES

6th Grade Music

1st           Tam Dang                            TMI
2nd          Nicholas Mejia                  TMI
3rd           Emmie Ambrose              TMI
4th           Abby Wells                         PHI
5th           Emelia Boydstun              BCI
6th           Madeline Baker                BCI

5th Grade Music

1st           Harley Geslani                   TMI
1st           Donie Hilje                          BCI
2nd          Sarah Patel                         BCI
3rd           Sarah Flanery                     PHI
4th           Sarah Bourtta                    BCI
5th           Aunna Gazor                      BCI
6th           Viraj Desai                           TMI

4th Grade Music

1st           Joa Brown                           BES
1st           Kylie Authement              HLE
1st           Brent Bertaux                    HLE        
1st           Austin Phillips                    IES
1st           Aidan Macabuhay            IES
1st           Patrick Nguyen                 PVE
1st           Zachary Fisher                   PGE
1st           Makayla Machacek         PGES
1st           Chaney DuBois                  PGES
1st           Zachary Cortesi                 PGES
1st           Sam Loeffler                      SGES
1st           Gracie Wildemann           SGES
1st           Patrick Robinson              WLES
1st           Jude Wilkinson                  WLES
1st           Sophia Murray                  WLES
1st           Ethan Ross                          WLES
1st           Jake Pavlick                        WRES
1st           Linh Dang                            WSES
2nd          Hayden Schmidt               HLES
2nd          Hayat Qutub                      LSES
2nd          Hanna Harrell                     FLES
2nd          Ben Burk                              HLES
3rd           Cullen Diggs                        FLES
3rd           Mason Jones                     HES
3rd           Annika Kang                       PGES
3rd           Kaia Gresh                          IES
3rd           Ethan Palamino                 WRES
4th           Will Moore                          WLES
5th           Kendall Kuhn                     WSES
6th           Ana Orellana                      WRES

3rd Grade Music

1st        Hayden Whitehead     FLES
1st        Jacob Holzberger        FLES
1st        Jeremy McCommons  HES
1st        Dylan Videira              HLES
1st        Samantha Lehman      HLES
1st        Alex Jung                     LSES
1st        Irena Brueck               PGES
1st        Olivia Hinthorn           PGES
1st        Eli Haddox                   PGES
1st        Santiago Salazar         PGES   
1st        Wesley Rowntree        WLES
1st        Erin Stillinger              WLES
1st        Keira Sheppard           WLES
2nd        Elijah Mhrous              BES
2nd        Tilly Hillje                    HLES
3rd        Troy Smith                   WLES
4th        Rachel Venables         HLES
5th        Emily Nguyen              SGES
5th        Makayla Chesser        PGES
6th        Monica Sanchez          PES     


 Contact Information

Kim Blann

Director of Fine Arts
350 Keller Parkway
Keller, Texas 76092
Phone: 817-744-1029
Fax: 817-744-1268

Teresa Henson
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 817-744-1251