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Welcome to Mr. Bowens 7th Grade Social Studies

817-744-3250 Ext. 3324

If you have any questions please contact me.


Conference time: 6th Period 1:15-2:03 

Tutorial Time- By appointment.


by Bowen, Stace
 11/19/2014 11:25 AM
History Textbook can now be viewed . Look for the Chapter # and Sections 1,2,3.
Syllabus Attachment
by Bowen, Stace
 9/8/2014 12:11 PM

 Classroom Information

Chapter 22 questions.docChapter 22 questionsBowen, Stace
Ch. 21 Flipchart.jpgCh. 21 FlipchartBowen, Stace
Chapter 20.3.pdfChapter 20.3Bowen, Stace
Chapter 20.2.pdfChapter 20.2Bowen, Stace
chapter 20.1.pdfchapter 20.1Bowen, Stace
Chapter 19.3.pdfChapter 19.3Bowen, Stace
chapter 19.2.pdfchapter 19.2Bowen, Stace
chapter 19.1.pdfchapter 19.1Bowen, Stace
Chapter 18 Questions.docChapter 18 QuestionsBowen, Stace
Chapter 18.3.pdfChapter 18.3Bowen, Stace
Chapter 18.2.pdfChapter 18.2Bowen, Stace
Chapter 18.1.pdfChapter 18.1Bowen, Stace
Ch. 14  Review KEY.xlsCh. 14 Review KEYBowen, Stace
Chapter 15.3.pdfChapter 15.3Bowen, Stace
Chapter 15.2.pdfChapter 15.2Bowen, Stace
Chapter 15.1.pdfChapter 15.1Bowen, Stace
Chap 14 Section 3.pdfChap 14 Section 3Bowen, Stace
Chap 14 Section 2.pdfChap 14 Section 2Bowen, Stace
Chap 14 Section 1.pdfChap 14 Section 1Bowen, Stace
Chapter 11 Pre-AP Houston vs. Lamar Campaign Poster Project.docxChapter 11 Pre-AP Houston vs. Lamar Campaign Poster ProjectBowen, Stace
Chapter 11 Traditional Houston vs. Lamar Campaign Poster Project.docxChapter 11 Traditional Houston vs. Lamar Campaign Poster ProjectBowen, Stace
Houston_Lamar Comparison_with pics.docHouston_Lamar Comparison_with picsBowen, Stace
Chapter 11 Notes.docxChapter 11 NotesBowen, Stace
Ch 11 questions.docCh 11 questionsBowen, Stace
Chapter 10 Questions.docChapter 10 QuestionsBowen, Stace
Ch 10 Alamo notes.docCh 10 Alamo notesBowen, Stace
Chapter 11 Section 3.pdfChapter 11 Section 3Bowen, Stace
Chapter 11 Section 2.pdfChapter 11 Section 2Bowen, Stace
Chapter 11 Section 1.pdfChapter 11 Section 1Bowen, Stace
Chapter 10.3.pdfChapter 10.3Bowen, Stace
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