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Tonya Thomas
5th Grade Math
  Ext. 4065

Conference Period: 9:40-10:20

Lunch time: 12:30-1:00pm

Tutoring Times: TUESDAYS for Math!  Tutoring ends at 3:20pm!  NO BUS is provided for this service.  Your child will be bringing home a math tutoring note, only if they are invited to attend.

Mission Statement: As a teacher, my mission is to help my students improve academically, emotionally, and socially to become a better person today than they were yesterday.




Something things you might like to know about me: 
by Thomas, TonyaNo presence information
 10/7/2015 3:27 PM
*I love God!
*I love Chocolate!
*I love my family!
*I love my dog-Lucy! (See Pic)
*I love traveling! (See pic of Me and Mr. Thomas in Paris)
*I love my friends!
*I love shopping for bargains!
*I love eating out!
*I love Math!
Welcome to my website! I hope you are excited to begin 5th grade at a new school! Our school is very big and beautiful and I hope you take pride in keeping it that way! I am always looking for the student who picks up trash before they are even asked! 
by Thomas, TonyaNo presence information
 7/18/2013 8:47 PM
Classroom Wish List 
by Thomas, TonyaNo presence information
 7/18/2013 8:41 PM
Kleenex; Expos;  Pencils

 Classroom Information

Oct 8th-Oral-Multiplying Decimal Assessment.wmaOct 8th-Oral-Multiplying Decimal AssessmentNo presence informationThomas, Tonya
Oral-Multiply and Dividing Whole Numbers Quiz.wmaOral-Multiply and Dividing Whole Numbers QuizNo presence informationThomas, Tonya
Oral-Decimal Quiz 2015.wmaOral-Decimal Quiz 2015No presence informationThomas, Tonya
Science Released STAAR Test 2015 oralScience Released STAAR Test 2015 oralNo presence informationThomas, Tonya
Graphing and Data Test.wmaGraphing and Data TestNo presence informationThomas, Tonya
Math 5th grade released test-oral Part 2.wmaMath 5th grade released test-oral Part 2No presence informationThomas, Tonya
Math 5th grade released test-oral Part 1.wmaMath 5th grade released test-oral Part 1No presence informationThomas, Tonya
Released Reading STAAR 2014.wmaReleased Reading STAAR 2014No presence informationThomas, Tonya
Oral-Dividing Decimals Quiz.wmaOral-Dividing Decimals QuizNo presence informationThomas, Tonya
Perimeter, Area, Volume test-oral.wmaPerimeter, Area, Volume test-oralNo presence informationThomas, Tonya
oral quiz- patterns, expressions, equations.wmaoral quiz- patterns, expressions, equationsNo presence informationThomas, Tonya
Oral-STAAR review 1 continued.wmaOral-STAAR review 1 continuedNo presence informationThomas, Tonya
Oral-STAAR review 1.wmaOral-STAAR review 1No presence informationThomas, Tonya
Oral Quiz Comparing, Adding, Subtracting Fractions.wmaOral Quiz Comparing, Adding, Subtracting FractionsNo presence informationThomas, Tonya
Prime Number Chant.wmaPrime Number ChantNo presence informationThomas, Tonya

 Homework Turn-In

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 Homework Review

Homework for Week.docxHomework for WeekNo presence informationThomas, Tonya


There are currently no upcoming events.

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