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 Current Class unit is Scientist Timeline. Students will research a scientist, make an oral presentation to the class, then create a time of the scientist presented in class.

 See Edmodo & Blendspace for assignment information.

Presentations begin May 19th.

Timelines due May 22nd.



Watch Cosmos a Spacetime Odyssey every Sunday at 8:00 pm on Fox!!



Want to know what we are doing in class this week? Out sick a day and want to know what you missed? Visit my canvas(lesson plan) on Blendspace; link to this week's lesson plan on Blendspace:


Scientist Timeline Unit

    You will need a Blendspace account to view the lesson. Students you are linked to Blendspace in Edmodo, log in and click on the link in your lessons folder. Parents follow the link above and create an account if you don't have one already (once you have created an account you will be able to use the link for any future lessons). Parents will need my class code to join the HMS Parents class and view the link. The class code can be found in my weekly newsletter or email me and I will send you the class sode.





Tutorials are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 3:50 pm to 5:00pm other times made by appointment, everyother Monday tutorials will start at 4:15 pm

No tutorials will be offered before school.

The best method of contacting me is via email:

The direct line to the phone on my desk is 817-744-3470, but the phone goes straight to voice mail during school hours.




Go to Edmodo for text book log on and password. 

   Mrs.Christmas's Class schedule:

1st Period

  Pre-AP Science

 2nd Period

  Pre-AP Science

 3rd Period

  Pre-AP Science 

 4th Period

  Pre-AP Science 

 5th Period

  Pre-AP Science

 6th Period

  Pre-AP Science

 7th Period

  Planning Period




All Classwork Assignments are on Edmodo!!!  
by Christmas, GwynnNo presence information
 12/1/2013 12:14 PM

If you are on my website looking for assignments you need because you are absent, want to get ahead, or are missing assignments (have MSG) on Home Access, they are NOT here. Log onto Edmodo. ALL of your classwork assignments are on Edmodo.


Grades in Home Access Center 
by Christmas, GwynnNo presence information
 12/1/2013 12:09 PM
If your student has a msg in Home Access Center, that means the assignments was NOT turned in. Many times students just forget to turn in the assignment, a few didn't put their name on it, and a few just did not complete the assignment. After three...
by Christmas, GwynnNo presence information
 9/2/2013 5:22 PM
I send out a newsletter summarizing what we are doing for the following week every Thursday or Friday. IF you are not receiving these emails you are missing VALUABLE information such when projects are really assigned and the due dates for projects....

 Classroom Information

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 Homework Turn-In

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 Homework Review

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There are currently no upcoming events.


 logic games
 Scale of the Universe
 Click on the element and see a video describing that element
 Atomic Therory Timeline
 Another great website of the atomic theory timeline
 David's Whizzy Periodic Table
 Balancing Equations Game
 Build an atom
 Element Math Game
 More Balancing Equations practice
 Interactive Triple beam balance
 Balancing Equations tutorial
 Scale of the Universe
 Dynamic Earth Website
 How Wind Moves Website
 How to predict weather
 Weather 101: All About Wind and Rain
 Multiwavelength Astronomy Gallery
 The Dangers of Plastic Bags
 Practice Newton's second law math problems with answers
(More Links...)


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2013 Plate Tectonics WISK words.pdf2013 Plate Tectonics WISK wordsNo presence informationChristmas, Gwynn
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2013 Dynamic Earth Project student handouts .doc2013 Dynamic Earth Project student handouts No presence informationChristmas, Gwynn


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