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Photo Library
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Folder: Global Business 
Global Business
Folder: BIM I 
Folder: BIM II 
Folder: Accounting 
MOS 2013 Online Training
If you want to see what Office 2013 is like, check out the above link for online training. 
Red Ribbon Week
Digital Literacy
MOS Certification Information
Site for list of objectives. 
How Not to Use Power Point 2010
First created and shared in update to the original video. 
Finance Simulation-Free Demo Link
Free demo of Version 2.0
Typing Games
Games that test your knowledge and help improve your typing skills. 
Photostory 3 Tutorial
Click on listed links for specific instructions
Atomic Learning-Online Tutorials
teacher=username is email address and password is 'keller'

student=username is student ID# and password is 'keller'
Free Federal Resources
Keller ISD Education Foundation
Scholarship Applications (students) and Grant Information (teachers).
Safari Montage-Online Videos
Choose “CHS” from the drop down list, and then enter your employee ID as your username and your microsoft password as your password.
Career Cruising
Username:  chskisd
Password:  keller
Keyboarding Games and Timed Writings
Mind Games
International Ideas Worth Sharing
support site with videos created by professionals
Online Stop Watch
21st Century Skills
Online Learning/Games Templates
Online Lesson Plans and Lessons
50 Ways to Anchor Technology
sent to me from sabrina
TCC Tech Prep Sign-Up Link

For those students who would like to sign up and potentially receive free college credit for the completion of this class. 
Cooperating Colleges for Certifications
List of ACE cooperating colleges
Journey Ed
All that is needed is:

1) a current student ID#
2) a current schedule
3) a letter from the school
Fun Games and Quizzes
If you want a chance to earn some 'extra' some of these quizzes and show me whatcha got and we'll get you some points.  It's good stuff!
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