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Welcome to Pre-AP World Geography!  I am pleased that you are accepting the challenge of Pre-Advanced Placement work.  I want you to have a very successful year, to expand your knowledge and appreciation of our world, and to increase your preparedness for Advanced Placement work in upper level grades.

In this class, you will be expected to show a high level of commitment to learning, to do a significant amount of reading and preparation outside of the classroom, and take personal responsibility for assignments and due dates.  As one requirement of this course, students are required to keep an up-to-date geography notebook that demonstrates effective organization.

I ask that you be willing to work with me to attain the goals set for this course and the goals that you will set for yourself.  As a member of the Keller High School student body, you have unlimited opportunities for learning and enrichment.


PRE-AP WORLD GEOGRAPHY INFORMATION:  THIS WILL BE THE WEBSITE FOR ALL MY PRE-AP WORLD GEOGRAPHY INFORMATION (HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS, PPTs, UPCOMING TESTS & PROJECTS, and ANNOUNCEMENTS  WILL BE INCLUDED).  This site is especially important if students are absent from class.  If the K-Connect Website closes, I will send information to students and parents about where I will have Pre-AP World Geography materials and information available for my students.

There is an electronic copy of the World Geography Textbook online for students who might need it, but it is important that you also have a copy of the textbook for your personal use.  There will be an opportunity for students to sign out copies of the textbook at the beginning of the school year.  There is a quick link to access the online book on the right side of this page under "Links."  You can also gain access to a version of your textbook online by searching for and then using the following information:

          username: kellerss
          password: indians      (The KISD book is the 2007 edition;  NOT 2009 edition)
          code: 2687052-10 (if needed)




  Keller High School, Room 166

  Phone:   817-744-1597        



Periods 1 & 2:  Pre-AP World Geography  Period 5:  Pre-AP World Geography
Period 3:  Planning Period    Period 6:  Conference  
Period 4:  Lunch Period  Periods 7, 8 & 9:  Pre-AP World Geography  


Scheduled Make-Up Work & Tutorials*:       

Monday and Wednesday PM3:50PM - 4:50PM.  There are no make-up or tutorials times scheduled before school. 

  1. * if these times are not convenient, please talk to me at the beginning of class or contact me by email.


Information, Policies and Procedures for Pre-AP World Geography, 2014-2015NewAttachment 
by Gventer, AnnNo presence information
 8/22/2014 8:01 PM
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 Homework Turn-In

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 Homework Review

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 A Virtual Tour of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
 Animated Atlas: Growth of a Nation (USA)
 World Geography Super Quiz
 National Geographic Widgets...Puzzles
 McDougall-Littell Online Textbook
 EARTH'S EXTREMES. Highest/lowest/largest/smallest...

 Powerpoints & Documents

Folder: MAP GUIDELINES and MAP DIRECTIONS. 2014-2015MAP GUIDELINES and MAP DIRECTIONS. 2014-2015No presence informationGventer, Ann

 Mrs. G's Calendar

8/25/2014 12:00 AM   WELCOME! First Day of 2014-2015 School Year 
-  Intro to P/AP World Geography:  Information/Policies & Procedures.
-  Students need to sign out a copy McDougall-Littell World Geography Textbook if they have not done so.
8/26/2014 12:00 AM   Continue with an overview of Pre-AP World Geography 
All students need to have a textbook issued by KHS.  This book will be kept at home.  Students will use class set of books while at school so they do not need to carry their book back & forth each day.
Students will have opportunity...
8/27/2014 12:00 AM   Introduction to World Geography & The Five Themes of Geography 
Compacting and Assessment activity. 
Introduction to basic fundamentals of Geography (The Five Themes of Geography).
8/28/2014 12:00 AM   Introduction to World Geography & The Five Themes of Geography 
 Introduction to basic fundamentals of World Geography (The Five Themes of Geography).
8/29/2014 12:00 AM   Quiz: Five Themes of Geography 
Firther discussion/information over Five Temes of Geography.
Students will demonstrate understanding and knowledge.
Also:  students will be given a diagram and instructions for creating a Five Themes of Geography "Cube." ...